Sea of Thieves

Was having a great time until some players showed up.

Spent four hours on my ONE day off for the next 18 days playing. Had three great hauls for Merchant guild. I got lucky, dived a couple of ship wrecks and came back with a ton of Fruit Crates, Ammo Crates, and so on. Managed to find two red gems and a blue one. I helped save a ship in distress that was being attacked by a Skeleton ship, gave them some wood and one of my chests to help offset their loss of a player who dropped mid fight. I helped another crew find two mermaid statues on one of the east islands I'd seen, but wasn't able to break by myself. They were super happy to find them and we parted ways, after exchanging friend requests. I managed to make it to Snake Island, where I picked up 3 skulls, and found two nice chests and I was finishing off the last quest I had on Snake Island.

As I started heading back to my ship, I heard cannon fire and when I came around the corner of a rock I saw it destroyed. Mast down. Three players came running up the beach screaming racial slurs over the voice chat and killed me. They proceeded to kill me for the next 20 minutes screaming racial slurs and other very nasty language.

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"We're here to kill you."
"Log off ******"
"No one wants you here."
"We're going to let your loot burn, you can't have it."
"No one can do anything."
"You want to cry you ******"

These were the lines they repeated over and over and over. Eventually I was forced to scuttle the ship just so I could respawn. I lost everything, including my fully leveled merchant flag and 4 hours of my extremely precious time off.

What has been a great few days of the game since I picked it up on Thursday has totally been ruined by this experience. I'm not even sure I want to come back and play anymore. I can understand trying to steal loot and things, having a nice fight…but to be absolute disrespectful by screaming racist language and killing the player on purpose to prevent them from being able to even play the game…is just the absolute worst type of sportsmanship. It completely killed everything. All I had done was just lost, poof in a second.

Why are people like this?


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