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We’re really not very good, but try to know our limitations…

Content of the article: "We’re really not very good, but try to know our limitations…"

My and my buddy(we’ll call him Peg) aren’t very good. Only a month or so in the game, miss a lot of shots, get owned in PvP 7/10 times. Yesterday we were in a sloop running OoS emissary to grind out a couple levels as Peg is level 46 on the last one needed for his PL. We picked up a quest and were just happily collecting skulls, and had just finished The second chapter of one when a player galleon passes us and turns around the island we’d just passed to follow.

Ok cool. Let’s head into the wind, because we’re faster that way. He keeps chasing. Cool. Found a seamount and passed between a couple rocks. He runs into both of them but gets sorted and keeps on us. We notice his sails are all pointing in different directions. Loop around an island to see what he does and he sends a couple shots our way. Alright, I jump off as we pass a fort tower, climb up, and land a half dozen shots on him as he goes by. Merm back and we head into a storm. He keeps coming, so we load all our skulls into a rowboat and I jump off at Sanctuary to cash them in while Peg keeps them chasing him.

I rejoin, we circle around and get lined up on him, landing a bunch of shots. He misses most of his, but managed to harpoon Peg so now I’m soloing for a bit. Then, salvation! A second galleon shows up and they trade shots while we regroup. Fast forward and the first galleon starts to run, we’re almost ready to wrap up, so we decide to chase him – and so does the other galleon… who also sends a couple pot shots our way. Huh. One sloop vs two galleons in a three way. I know how this is going to end.

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We catch up to galleon 1 and fire off a few before spinning around a rock. That he slams in to. As we repair and reload, coming around the rock, they trade some shots. Peg does an amazing job of steering and I manage to unload hell into the stern of galleon 1 – 10 or so good shots and a frog ball for good measure. Galleon 1 is sunk and we’re headed for galleon 2. Whoops. Hard turn, he pastes us with a couple, but Peg’s steering again lets me unload a dozen shots below his waterline. Galleon 2 goes down.

We do a slow circle to see if they drop anything and get careless. We get boarded and Peg goes down, but warns me just in time. I manage to dispatch the boarder with a sliver of health remaining.

Turns out, there were only two players on galleon 1 and three on galleon 2. They’d have been better off on smaller ships. They also tried to out turn a sloop and made stupid choices trying to follow us between rocks and right by a fort tower. Not to mention the chase into the wind, and letting us get shots on them fore-and-aft instead of trying to force us broadside.

Again, we are not good players, and we made a ton of mistakes and missed shots. We need to git gud, but damn that felt good. Might have to quit the game now.


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