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What an inspiration this game turned out to be.

Content of the article: "What an inspiration this game turned out to be."

It all started after I moved into this neighborhood called Pirate's Wood and my friends told me they bought Sea of Thieves. Since I've started playing this game, I've become utterly obsessed with pirate lore and history. I love how well this game captured the atmosphere of pirate mythos, most of which has little at all to do with reality, but is nevertheless just so fun and entertaining. Ghost ships and pirate skeletons, curses and krakens, x marks the spot and all. It reminded me of that other fantastic franchise which so well managed to do the same, The Pirates of the Caribbean.

So I rewatched those films over the course of the last week and thoroughly enjoyed them. But then I started to think about pirating in general and realized how heavily I'm romanticizing this lifestyle that was in reality extraordinarily bleak, desperate af and just generally shitty and haphazardous. Most (nearly all) notable pirates I've read about were dead by 40, one made it to 45. And it's not like that was life expectancy or anything, life expectancy excluding infant mortality rate was easily 65 for the time (sources say 70+).

I watched Treasure Island and read that most of the stereotypes which we often associate with pirates came out of the mainstream success of that film. In fact, Robert Newton's character, Long John Silver is widely credited as THE origin of the 'Arrrrr' pirate slang/noise! The film was based on an eponymous book, whose author in turn has said he took much inspiration from a book anonymously published in 1724, 'A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the Most Notorious Pyrates'.

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The book itself, while entirely indispensible as historical document, is also expected to have some degree of exaggeration or embellishment for the sake of better sales towards a british public with an increasing appetite for the exotic.

So anyway it sounds like pirating was a really good way to die quick. I'm currently watching Black Sails which is great so far, for its attempted realism. It's probably one of the best film renditions of what pirating may have actually been like. I'll wrap this up by saying that I should have seen this obsession coming, my high school mascot were the pirates afterall. Just today I realized that all the streets in my new neighborhood are pirate themed, Peg Leg way and Long John trail. haha guess it's a pirate's life for me mateys, heave ho!


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