Sea of Thieves

Wholesome Story Time

Hey, everyone! Got a wholesome story for you all!

So last night, I had done a Thieves Haven Athena voyage to try and get myself the last little bit of rep to get Athena 20, but unfortunately, I was off by a pixel.. Anyway, it was late, so I went to bed.

Fast forward to tonight, I logged into the game and there was a FoTD up, and I instantly went for it, hoping to nab that CoL for the last bit of my rep. I parked a bit further away and rowed over. It was a duo sloop doing the fort, so I attempted to tuck on their boat, but that failed miserably haha, the dude that found me was on point and killed me pretty quick.

I wanted to give it a go again, but the same result ensued, pretty much. The same dude found me and ganked me. I was going to server hop since I figured I wouldn't get back in time, but I decided to sail back over (my ship sank in a rainstorm I guess). As I got there, they just lowered their sails and were trying to flee. I got a couple of good cannon shots off and killed one of them, which caused their ship to crash into mine. I jumped aboard, killed the other guy, grabbed the CoL then jumped back on my sloop. Before my ship turned away, I harpooned their gold reaper chest as well, then dipped. I wondered why they didn't attempt to chase, but I'll explain why here in a second. I got to plunder, sold the CoL which did get me to 20, then went back to reapers and sold the gold reaper chest.

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I decided to head back to Ancient Spire (where they were selling) to say GG to them again because they really did fight extremely well. I arrived and said that, as well as sincerely thanking them for that chest, because it helped me to A20, and instead of shouting over the mic, or calling me a toxic pirate, they were just like "Nah man, it's all good, it's a pirate game." We then went to the hideout together, so I could buy my Ghost Cutlass, and we talked for about a good 30 minutes about the game, the dark adventure cosmetics, and the new update this Thursday, and it was just awesome honestly. We added each other on the Xbox app, and are planning to sail together at some point soon! 🙂

If you're reading this man, you're a true pirate legend. You fought very well and were respectable and kind the entire time. Major Kudos to you, mate.


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