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‘You’re a ‘Tall Tale’ of Your Own!’

Content of the article: "‘You’re a ‘Tall Tale’ of Your Own!’"

This is a good one, I promise.

I hopped onto Sea of Thieves tonight and decided to grind out another Tall Tale to max out the commendations, my slow grind to the Gold Curse reward. I was doing the Wild Rose Tall Tale and was on the last run that I needed to finish it. I had spotted another player earlier doing a Ghost Fleet in the distance and that was about it. There was also Reaper's Chest that spawned not too far away near Smuggler's Bay. I didn't think too much about it as I sailed about, but when I passed by the Bay later I saw lights at night; a player ship (Sloop).

I checked the map and sure enough another player had taken the chest and was now hiding the middle of the Bay trying to lure people into their cannon fire. I ignored them for a while until my Tall Tale told me to go to the Bay to dig up a quest item. Reluctantly I dropped anchor nearby and rowed my way over in a row boat, trying to stay discreet.

I get there, see their ship in all it's Ashen cosmetic glory, and a dude swimming towards his ship in the Bay with the Ashen Curse. I don't know if they spotted me yet but I headed to the top of the arch overlooking the entrance they were guarding and dug up my item. I immediately went back for my rowboat and left.

Much to my surprise they either didn't see me or were expecting me to be boarding them as they did not pursue. I make it back to my ship and sail off to continue the Tall Tale. Skip ahead fifteen minutes and I'm almost done, needing to collect the last quest item to finish out (you can guess where it's at). Yup, Smuggler's Bay.

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I start sailing that way knowing I'm probably going to have to fight these guys anyways, but as I get half way there I noticed that the chest on the map is moving. I thought it was heading for the Hideout but no, it was instead heading straight for the dude who had just finished his Ghost Fleet voyage. Part of me wanted to finish and be done for the night but I made a hard right turn and started sailing that direction.

Sure enough I see in the distance the Ashen ship drop anchor as close to the Voyage ship and open fire. Luckily the Voyage player (a solo Sloop) was aware of their approach and booked it. I sail in that direction, with the Ashen ship in tow at my side. As the gap between us grew closer they opened fire, a bit poorly at first and managed to hit me off cannons for a moment. I returned fire several times enough that they had to slow down to repair.

Once I saw the Voyage ship had managed to further the distance, I turned in for the kill. The Ashen ship came back, trying hard to hit me to no avail. After a well placed chain shot to the mast, they were immobilized and I started laying into their deck with my cannon, killing one of the players. I then learned they were on open mics.

After a few passes around I fully raise my sails and commit to the death blow, nailing their ship as many times as possible and even throwing in an anchor ball for good measure. I hear one attempt to board and repel them with ease, much to their vocal frustration. I see their ship start to sink and think now that I just have to finish them off and what loot they were flaunting was mine.

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One began to swim over and threw a blunder bomb at me, at first dealing little damage but silly me forgot that I had a keg below my wheel. The explosion killed me, destroyed my wheel, dropped my mast and put several holes in my ship. 'Oh well.' I thought, I sank them at least and saved the Voyager.

But it didn't end there. As I come back to my sinking ship (now completely on fire), I start to bail. Using a lot of the ships water to put out the fires. One of them went to my cannon barrel to grab more bombs and I blunder him to death. I continue to use water to put out fires and make small repairs till I can bait the last guy on board who claims that he 'has me sunk'. After he ran out of bombs he climbed aboard and like his friend, died at my cannon barrel grabbing more.

I finished repairing the ship, putting out the fires and sailed over to grab all their loot, Reaper Chest included. Sailed out to Smuggler's Bay, grabbed the rest of the Tall Tale and sailed to the outpost to turn in. I then saw the Voyage ship in the distance and decided that I'd give the chest to them when I finished.

As I started to sail towards them I realized my mistake and they started sailing away, staying just out of Trumpet range of me. This lasted for about twenty minutes before he attempted to board my ship, which I was then able to communicate for him to stop his as I was trying to GIVE him loot, not sink him. When I caught up to him I explained what happened and dropped the chest aboard his ship, and gave him an escort to the Hideout to turn in.

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His response to my adventure; "You're a Tall Tale of your own!"


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