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An Extremely RISKY Idea I thought that could happen in Spider-Man 2!

Content of the article: "An Extremely RISKY Idea I thought that could happen in Spider-Man 2!"

(Spoilers for Spider-Man PS4 is in this post, I haven't played Miles Morales yet so please don't spoil anything about for me in the comments)

This would take place after around 1/2 or 2/3 of the story. Peter gets the symbiote (by chance) near the beginning of the story and has been using it a lot since. Miles doesn't approve this decision by Peter but since Peter is older and more experienced than him, he doesn't say it out of respect towards him. Throughout the game we play as BOTH Miles and Peter, Peter can choose between red and black suit with each suit having COMPLETELY different attacks and powers. Now this is where my risky idea comes in.

The symbiote has now taken over 90% of Peter's Body and is now seriously affecting his personality making him selfish and more brutal towards criminals. They should have a boss battle with Miles spider-man against Symbiote Peter. We would be playing as Miles and be fighting Symbiote Peter with the symbiote completely taken over him, this would be one of the hardest fights in the game and be similar to Mr. Freeze's boss fight in Batman Arkham City as Peter would keep learning our tactics as we use them and we would need to keep coming up with new techniques throughout the fight to defeat him, this would be a stealth focused fight as Symbiote Peter would be too powerful for Miles to defeat head on. After Miles barely wins the fight, He would force Peter to give up the symbiote. I realise that it would be very conflicting for many players to fight symbiote Peter cause he's (obviously) the main hero and one of the protagonists of Spider-Man 2 (and the main Spider-Man after all), this could also bring Ludo narrative dissonance cause the player may not agree with Miles at all and would not wanna even lay a finger against Peter (Like many people didn't wanna fight Ellie while playing as Abby In TLOU2) , but since Spider-Man has a theme of "always doing the right thing no matter what", this would come into play as players would still be doing "the right thing" so as to speak, even though it breaks their heart.

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What are your thoughts about this idea?


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