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Are we still hating on Tom Holland’s Spider-Man?

I saw a post earlier about how "Stan wanted a teenage superhero that wasn't a sidekick to another hero" and realized it was another indirect, "Well AKCSHUALLY", passive jab at the MCU interpretation of Spider-Man. This interpretation in my opinion works as a modern rendition of Peter Parker.

Peter is not IRON BOY JR:

He was Spider-Man 6 months before he even got his traditional Spider-Man suit. He clearly can be Spider-Man without Tony's help. Hell, in Homecoming he advocated to not be a part of Tony's "crusade". He wanted to be his own hero and by the end he proved that he's his own hero. He beat Vulture without the Stark suit. He did it with effort.

Peter is not IRON BOY JR. FFH edition:

In FFH Peter basically gets what he wants. He hangs out with the girl he likes on a field trip and is far away from being Spider-Man. Then he gets a bombshell dropped on him with Nick Fury about the Elementals. It's like a wedge in his fun. Learning that you can't run away from being Spider-Man. thematically the same story as the original Spider-Man 2. Peter learning he has a responsibility to be Spider-Man and that can't be ignored.

With Great Power comes Great Responsibility/:

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MCU Spidey has two "iterations" of the phrase. The first is "When can do the things that I can do..but you don't, and then the bad things happen, they happen because of you.". When you have the power that Pete has yet you don't utilize that power, bad things happen because of your ignorance. You ignoring your responsibility that comes with that great power. The second is "If you're nothing without the suit, you shouldn't have it". This ties into the first point but if Peter can't do anything without the suit he shouldn't have it. If he needs x power to fulfill his responsibility he shouldn't have x power. Pretty self explanatory.

Uncle Ben/Tony Stark:

Uncle Ben is an integral piece of Pete but in this interpretation he's moved on. He's learned that "Great power comes with great responsibility" and has to keep moving to make sure that Ben's death wasn't in vain. Tony is an example of "Great power comes with great responsibility". He ignored the damage his weapons could cause. It was his responsibility to understand that. He's checking Pete so he doesn't end up like him.


Peter in the MCU is a great character and I'm glad he's going to stick around for two more movies. I hope I've displayed why MCU Pete is a great version of Pete without angering the hardcore Tobey fans. Although they get mad at anything so who am I kidding?

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