Marvel's Spider-Man

Can we expect a True Spider-Man VR game?

with the announcement of the psvr 2 and the reveal of the new psvr controllers, many can just sit and wonder what type of games we can excep, or what kind of VR games were hoping to get

now there has been a game Marvel fans and I have been wondering…. Will we get a full length Spider-Man VR game?

Now we had two Spider-Man VR games that are tie ins for homecoming and far from home, and while they are fun short experiences, when you're done with them in 30 minutes…. There's nothing left

My main complaint is when you're done with the races, "combat" challenges and the three other costumes you can unlock…. There really is nothing else, no spidey villians

No random crimes…. Nothing, not even defusing bombs

What many and I have been wanting is a full lengh Spider-Man VR game with an engaging story, fun characters to talk to and a swarm of spidey bad guys.

And with Tue ps5 coming out..I am wondering if we will get that, swinging, parkour and climbing has been done in other games, unlike iron man, swinging as Spider-Man might be the hardest to do, however we recently have these VR games with swinging mechanics that prove that it is possible, parkour has also been done in VR

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Running on walls, wall runs, climbing, leaping, that has been done before, the game that comes to mind is stride and all I have to say is…yeah this is how they could do it, Combat should be easy, punch, grab and throw enemies or objects and throw at enemies and of course various web attacks.

The story in my opinion should feel more like your playing a movie but with gameplay elements, Vader immortal comes to mind as it really did feel like you are playing a interactive movie in VR, so I do think doing something like that would work

Another thing they could do is have the player actually Become Spider-Man!

What I mean is the concept of Spider-Man is "anyone" could become him, even the audience and fans can become him, so I think maybe they could set this in a alternate universe much like ultimate, noir or 2099 could work, have the player take Peter's role as The new Spider-Man

As you can see the possibilities are endless and I'm surprised Marvel hasn't thought about it….or did they?

This brings me back to if we are, were most likely going to get VR games based on popular franchises, maybe another star wars VR game or another movie tie in.

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It's sort of obvious that we just might get VR games that are probably going to be VR versions of popular games, so why not Spider-Man?

No way home surprisingly wasn't announced to get a VR game tie in….or maybe it will when trailers for the film came out, but if it doesn't get a VR tie in….why?

Now I can see also insomniac making a Spider-Man VR game as they had made VR games in The past, However I highly doubt they'll make one anytime soon as the last Spider-Man game teased venom and possibly the lizard

What do you guys think, are we going to get a Spider-Man VR game on ps5?


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