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Cliffnotes from the Game Informer article—TONS of new Gameplay and Story details! (spoilers are hidden)

Content of the article: "Cliffnotes from the Game Informer article—TONS of new Gameplay and Story details! (spoilers are hidden)"

Just read through the whole article (exclusive cover is awesome, by the way)—it is extremely in-depth, and actually quite spoiler-ific as well. I'll keep all the story stuff towards the bottom and block it out like this.


  • Miles' Phone replaces the Pause menu, and it contains the map, local crimes/side missions, collectibles, etc. It runs a custom app that Ganke created. You open it by swiping left on the touchpad, and it brings the game into slow-motion while you use it (not a separate screen/menu).
  • Miles' Venom Abilities are mapped to L1—holding L1 builds the charge, and pressing each of the face buttons does a different ability.
    • L1+▢: Venom Punch
    • L1+X: Venom Jump
    • L1+O: Venom Dash
    • L1+△: ???
  • Gadgets are still a thing, though Miles has less than Peter. A Gravity Well (pulls all enemies to a single point) and a Remote Mine (electric web AOE attack) are described.
  • Stealth is enabled by pressing Up on the D-Pad. It has a separate meter than Venom.
  • Roxxon enemies tend to have tech that counters Miles' venom attacks and stealth. Underground enemies have nanotech weapons that conjure out of thin air, providing more dynamic attacks.
  • Miles is the only playable character. There are no mini-games like the lab puzzles either. Instead, puzzles have been incorporated into the environment (using webbing to connect wires together is one example that's given).
  • Visor Mods are a new feature—they'll serve as an AR HUD that will highlight different things to make them more visible (collectibles, gadget refills, enemies, etc.).
  • The Dual Sense controller has some cool features.
    • As you build up a venom charge, you'll feel the vibrations gradually get stronger on the left side. Once it's fully charged, the vibration shifts to the right side to let you know that you're ready to attack.
    • You will be able to feel variable tension on R2 while you are web swinging. It gets tighter as you near the end of a swing.
  • There are different game performance modes on PS5:
    • Performance Mode runs at 4k/60fps, and uses screen-space reflections like the first game. Resolution is dynamic and is likely being upscaled to maintain the 4k.
    • Fidelity Mode runs at 4k/30fps, and utilizes ray tracing + other visual effects not present in Performance Mode.
    • PS4 Pro runs at 4k/30fps, while base PS4 runs at 1080p/30fps.
    • The entire game has no load times on PS5. PS4 load screens will have tips like the last game, and will have subway scenes for fast travel.
  • There was no comment as to whether there would be any DLC.
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  • There won't be as many Suits as the first game, because Miles doesn't have as long of a history to draw from. There will still be plenty, and the article describes six of them.
    • Beginner Suit: The red mask and blue jacket/red hoodie combo that we've seen.
    • Gift Suit: Given to Miles by Peter. It's red-and-blue, and looks pretty rudimentary. It is said to resemble a pair of pajamas (no images are provided).
    • Iconic Suit: The main black/red Miles suit that we've seen everywhere.
    • T.R.A.C.K. Suit: The white suit that you unlock early with pre-orders. Stands for Time Response Activated Circuit Kinetic suit.
    • Cat Suit: First seen in the Insomniac tweet about the game going gold—Miles is wearing a jacket and backpack over his Spidey suit. A cat is in the backpack, and that cat actually has a side mission associated with it.
    • 2020 Suit: A new futuristic creation for this game.
  • The city is divided into districts just like the first game, and district crimes return. Some of them will be familiar from the first game, and there will also be new ones. Some will be story related and build on Miles' lore.
  • Some of the additional free-roam tasks that were mentioned were "Looters", "My Car's Gone", "Can't Find My Pigeons", and "Ice Breaking My Crane".

STORY (huge spoilers for the intro!):

  • Set 1 year after the first game. Miles is now 17 years old, and has moved to Harlem (his mother's childhood home). Harlem is being treated as a character in its own right, and great care has been taken to bring it (and its huge cultural diversity) to life.
  • The intro to the game is described in great detail. Peter and Miles are overseeing a police transport—they are moving Rhino. He eventually breaks loose, and you'll play through an insanely action-packed setpiece that GI says is unlike anything we got in the first game. There's chases, combat, and ultimately a boss fight against Rhino. Jameson even makes an appearance. Peter eventually gets injured, and Miles discovers his Venom Strike ability for the first time—which he uses to takes Rhino down.
  • After the fight, Peter tells Miles that he is going to Symkaria with MJ. Pete's acting as the photographer to her journalist. Pete leaves holographic training modules for Miles, and they're broken up into Traversal, Combat, and Stealth (just like the Taskmaster challenges). He also gives Miles his first full Spidey suit (the "gift suit" described above).
  • Roxxon is depicted as an up-and-coming company, with a new energy source (called NuForm). They are opening plants all around town and claim to be revitalizing Harlem. The Underground is an organized gang/terrorist group who seems to have knowledge of Roxxon's secret sinister plans.
  • Aaron Davis is confirmed to appear, though it's not mentioned whether he'll assume the Prowler persona in this game.
  • The "dangling plot threads" from the first game (Symbiote, Green Goblin) are still present, but probably won't be addressed in this game.

This ended up being much longer than expected! Hope this is helpful for those without access to the full article (or don't want to read all ~15 pages). If you want any more clarification on any specific portions, just let me know and I can give more detail.


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