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Curious: Is Kraven’s Last Hunt the only major Spider-Man story that has never been adapted in any form?

Content of the article: "Curious: Is Kraven’s Last Hunt the only major Spider-Man story that has never been adapted in any form?"

I think it is safe to say that all of us have at least heard of Kraven's Last Hunt. One of the seminal Spider-Man stories and easily the definitive Kraven the Hunter story, which usually finds its way on various "TOP-10 Greatest Spider-Man Stories" articles and gets referenced all the time in later stories to this day. Yet, despite its iconic status and being over 30 years old, no Spider-Man adaptation has touched it. Sure, not every single popular comic story get instantly adapted , but from 60's cartoon onwards a new adaptation of Spider-Man has followed the last one pretty quickly and all the other major stories have been done in some form at this point.

The Origin – Besides MCU, basically every movie and cartoon has done their own take on it.

The Master Planner Saga/If this Be My Destiny… – Spectacular Spider-Man did a version of it and Homecoming alluded to it.

Spider-Man No More – Most cartoons have at least one token episode where Peter wants to quit and Spider-Man 2 was a semi-adaptation of the story.

The Night Gwen Stacy Died – The 90's cartoon did a version of it (with MJ and trans-dimensional portals), the first Raimi movie alluded to it and TASM2 kinda did it.

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The Alien Costume Saga – Almost every single cartoon from the 90's one onwards and Spider-Man 3 have done it.

The Hobgoblin Mystery – The 90's cartoon did a version of it, even if they clearly lost interest in Hobgoblin once they got a chance to introduce Green Goblin.

The Clone Saga – The 90's cartoon referenced it.

Even some of the more recent not-yet-classics-but-popular stories, like Superior Spider-Man and Spider-Verse, have gotten adapted in Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, 2017's cartoon and Into to the Spider-Verse. But, for some reason, nobody wants to touch Kraven's Last Hunt despite its iconic status. You would think that at least one of the cartoons would have done a watered down kid friendly take on the story by now.

The only other major example I can think of is "The Death of Jean DeWolff", but that I can understand, since it's a story with no super-villains (I.E. It wouldn't be "interesting" enough for a major blockbuster movie), the plot is about crazy guy killing people with a shotgun (good luck trying to get that in a children's cartoon) and Jean DeWolff has never been big enough part of any Spider-Man adaptation (I think Spectacular Spider-Man is to date her only appearence outside of the comics and even there she basically was one of the backround cops).

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