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Does Spider-Man’s No Kill Rule apply to Aliens?

Content of the article: "Does Spider-Man’s No Kill Rule apply to Aliens?"

NOTE: This is Earth 616 continuity specifically.

I was re-reading ASM Issue #300 recently, and there is this one moment that caught my eye. Spider-Man and Venom have their first encounter, Venom initially has the upper hand due to having all of Spider-Man's powers but to a greater degree, so Spider-Man had to rely on using his wits to outsmart Venom. Spider-Man manages to outsmart Venom and has the opportunity to use his sonic blaster to end Venom, but there's a problem:

Spider-Man : I don't get it! When Mr. Fantastic used the blaster on me, the Symbiote was driven away! But it's only pulling away from Brock! Why isn't it detaching? Unless–it can't? It must have completely bonded with his body! That's why he isn't triggering my Spider-Sense! The Alien never tripped it–and now he is the Alien! Which means that if I kill it… I'll kill Brock! Don't know if I could take a human life even to save my own! And after the beating I took, I don't have much life left! I'd better regroup, think up a new plan–!

Venom : Leaving? Uh-uh!

Spider-Man: Whu–?!?

Venom: Night night.

Source ― The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) Issue #300.

Spider-Man realises that the Alien Symbiote has completely bonded with Eddie Brock's body, meaning that Brock and the Symbiote have become one and the same in the form of Venom. Spider-Man muses that if he uses the sonic blaster to kill the Symbiote, he'll also end up killing Brock. Exhausted and unwilling to cross that line, Spider-Man leaves the battle, saying that he doesn't know if he can take a human life to even save his own life, so he leaves to regroup and think of a new plan. Unfortunately for Spider-Man, his refusal to kill Venom inadvertently gives Venom the opportunity to recuperate and stop Spider-Man from escaping, regaining the upperhand and incapacitating Spider-Man.

This moment suggest that Spider-Man's no kill rule doesn't apply to Aliens because he refuses to kill the Symbiote because he's worried he'll also end up killing Brock, meaning that he is actually willing to kill the Symbiote as long as he doesn't kill Brock at the same time, and Peter also says that he doesn't know if he "could take a human life even to save" his own life. Note that Spider-Man says he doesn't know if he has it in him to take a human life, not just any life. In the same issue, Spider-Man explicitly stats and confirms that he has tried to kill the Symbiote before:

Spider-Man : I think I'm in trouble *OONF* The Alien wasn't really killed by those bells! Must've just dissipated out of pain! Or… Rejection! Probably sensed Brock's desire to kill me, and thought that was a good idea–since I tried to kill it! AGH! Still don't know why Venom's not triggering my Spider-Sense, though! And I'm paying for that ignorance in pain! He's got all of my powers, and more muscle! All I've got is experience! Have to use strategy! Call on my cunning to get him over to the blaster!

Source ― The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) Issue #300.

Spider-Man says that he has tried to kill the Symbiote, showing that his no kill rule doesn't necessarily apply to Aliens.

So would this mean that Spider-Man's no kill rule doesn't apply to Aliens, and that he's willing to kill any enemy Aliens, or does it depend on the species of Alien?


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