Marvel's Spider-Man

Episode One of my fan made Spectacular Spider-Man S3! (Watch Seasons 1 and 2 before reading)

Btw I'm not very good at writing dialogue so there isn't much written out dialogue.

Episode 1 – Aging

The scene opens with Vulture being chased by Spidey, Spidey is able to knock the antigravity tech in his suit, Vulture is able to land on a building and they fight on land, however Toomes’ back aches leaving him stunned and nearly taken down by Spidey, however Toomes is able to get away. Peter would get back to Highschool, and he’s late again of course. Peter would have an awkward conversation with Gwen, then the bell would ring.


Toomes is at an Oscorp facility and finds some genetic research, he would talk about how his body is deteriorating. “Yes, I could use this to regain my youth perhaps?” However Toomes did not specialize in genetics, so he had to turn to somebody else.

Back with Peter we see Flash reading the Bugle. The Bugle paper says ‘Is Norman Osborn the Green Goblin?’ Flash asks Harry “Wait isn’t that your dad?” Harry says that the photos must be fake, Peter and Gwen stay quiet. Later we would see Peter interacting with MJ more, building a strong friendship. Flash and the other popular kids would begin to turn on Harry, as there were rumors about his dad being a super villain. Peter and Gwen would stand up for Harry, saying that most of the stuff that The Bugle prints is wrong. Flash agrees but is still suspicious of Harry. Peter would see Vulture flying in the sky, He would suit up and follow him.

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Meanwhile at Oscorp…

Menken is currently having problems, now that Norman is “dead” Oscorp isn’t doing the best. Suddenly Vulture crashes through the window, demanding to see where Miles Warren is. Menken with his life being in danger tells him where. Spider-Man would swing in and begin to fight Vulture, Spidey would kick Vulture but he would block and counter attack, Spidey would get hit but then web Vulture in the face then punching him in the face. Vulture would shoot metal feathers at him, Spidey would dodge, then attack but Vulture flies and avoids it. Vulture would continue to fight Spidey and mostly get beaten, but then he would slash at Spiderman with his wings breaking Spidey’s web shooter. Spider-Man would kick Vulture out the window and he would try to find Vulture to chase him, however his Spider sense would tingle and Vulture would shoot feathers at Spidey and then grabbing his arm with the intact web shooter cracking the shooter. And then he tosses Spidey out the window, Spidey would just barely catch himself by clinging onto the wall, spraining his hand. Vulture flies away to find Miles Warren.

Peter is going home to repair his web shooters. Peter would check his camera for photos and he would realize that he left his camera at Oscorp. Spidey swings to Oscorp but sees some thugs and goes down to fight them. They would be a breeze to fight, so he would continue swinging.

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At Oscorp we see Menken taking the camera off of the wall. Menken looks at the photos in the camera, his eyes would widen and he would smile. Menken would look around, then he would see that no one is there. He would lift his mask revealing that he is The Chameleon, he would see that Spider-Man is swinging back there and put his mask down. Spidey would look for his camera but he wouldn’t be able to find it. He would remember what Vulture said to Menken and would swing to Connors’ old lab.

At Connors’ old lab…

Vulture would be with Warren, Warren would be trying to create the thing that Toomes wants. Vulture would see a label saying ‘Goblin Green: Performance Enhancer’. Vulture would ask if it would work, Warren was about to say it’s experimental but instead he said “Yes.” Vulture would drink it. Suddenly Spidey would swing in and fight Vulture. Vulture was stronger this time so the fight lasted a bit longer. Kicks, slashes, feathers, punches, dodges, and webs, the battle was intense. However Vulture began to feel drowsy, and Spidey would kick him in the face ending the battle.


We would see The Chameleon going to a shadowy figure and handing them the camera. “Good, so this means that Spider-Man is that photographer.”

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To be continued.


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