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Gameplay Improvements I Hope to See

Content of the article: "Gameplay Improvements I Hope to See"

• When throwing enemies you should be able to yank them in and do an attack or combo into an uppercut. Mostly useless, bar getting into air combat quickly from a throw, very stylish.

• Yank a weapon directly from an enemies hand right to another ones head without having to spin it, this could be done by inputting a direction towards an enemy while yanking and if you still want to do the spin you can just do a no directional input yank. Just a quicker way to do what we already can but that no one does cause the spin takes too long and half the time you have to dodge out of it.

• I dont believe holding down R1 does anything, so maybe for the web shooters you can hold down R1 to release a stream of webs sort of like how you web enemies in the ultimate spiderman game.

• Move photo mode and camera off the d pad and let us add quick selecting gadgets. Photo mode can stay on the pause menu, maybe the camera can be a touch pad press while aiming or something. Open to ideas on button placement for the camera.

• Shoot webs and use gadgets while web swinging, kind of like batman being able to throw out gadgets while diving at enemies in Arkham knight, gives fun new ways to initiate combat. Also can design crimes around chases using this. Ex. Manually webbing up cars, chase flying enemies and slow them down more fluidly

• Make certain suit powers less op. you have to actively restrict yourself from some suit powers so the game isnt just using a suit power and then instantly winning a fight

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• Remove useless gadgets/design gadgets more around better ways to use webs. Electric webs, impact webs, trip mines, web bomb are a good start. Mainly just get rid of suspension matrix and concussive blast. Probably spider drone too because spider bro is already a suit power and they work similarly.

• New web based gadgets. This one could be a stretch but I assume people would want something to replace the 3 gadgets I already want to get rid of. Maybe an impact web that splits to hit 2 enemies at once but only has like 1 use? Like I said this is a stretch but those other gadgets have very little reason to exist.

• Improve regular wall crawling cause its clunky and slow and cant go over small gaps sometimes

• Let us run down building or at least at a diagonal angle down

• Improve stealth, I like the concept of webbing up the motion sensors for the screwball challenges, do more of that with cameras maybe. It's too brainless and easy as of now

• Wall takedowns. Why are these not already in the game?

• Add vents to stealth areas so we can actually utilize the vent takedown outside of the like 5 times we get to use it in the story

Cant really think of any others right now. Feel free to add stuff you'd like to see and tell me what you think of my ideas. A few are a little unlikely but I think they'd be cool.


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