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Gameplay improvements that I would like to see in the sequel

Here's a list of stuff I want them to improve on the gameplay front for the next game. Keep in mind, I have not played Miles Morales so I apologize if some of the stuff I mentioned has already been addressed there.


  • A way to go directly up: Something that Spider-Man really lacks a way to quickly go directly up in the air. It's usually not a huge deal most of the time, but it becomes especially irritating in the Electro/Vulture boss fight and the silver sable jet pack encounters. I think the most easy fix to this would be to implement a move Spider-Man had in Web of Shadows, where he would shoot web from both his hands almost directly upwards and then yank himself up from there. As for what the input for that would be, maybe just have it be X while in the air. I know that that's the web dash, but maybe they could have it be where if you press X in the air with no direction you go up, but if you you're pressing a direction then you do the web dash in that direction.
  • The charge jump: First of all, I don't understand why I have to press R2 and X to do the charge jump, why can't I just press X? Next, there's the issue where you lose the charge if you parkour over something. I'd like to see this get removed so that you can charge jump immediately after parkouring for a while. Finally, I would like to be able to do the charge jump off of perch points/ledges. I was honestly surprised that you can't do that, I just don't really know why you can't.
  • Wall crawling: I don't like how Spider-Man transitioning from one side of a wall to another or picking himself up from a ledge is a long, slow, un-cancelable animation. Either make the animation way faster or allow for it to be canceled. Another thing is how Spider-Man just kind of stops when he gets to a really short ledge on a wall. I don't know how to fix that, but I want it fixed. Also, I don't know if this is just me since I haven't seen anyone mention this, but Spider-Man has a hard time transitioning from a wall to a ceiling. It's really inconsistent, sometimes he just hits the ceiling and stops and sometimes he crawls onto it. Weird.
  • Wall running: I want to be able to run down buildings. The way the game is set up now, it's hard to change directions from sideways running to upwards running, so I imagine it would be difficult to change to downwards running from either of those two if downwards running was added. I have a potential solution though. Make the square button a drift button while running on walls, that way you can quickly change directions while wall running.


  • Lock-on: I think these game's could benefit from a hard lock-on ability. The soft lock-on works fine for the most part, but there are some time's where it's a little finnicky and I find myself wishing I could focus on solely one enemy. Additionally, there are times when I have only one enemy left in an encounter and I can't find him, so I spend a minute just spinning around to look for the last guy. A lock-on would let me instantly lock on to that last guy.
  • Nerfing insta-kill gadgets: I kind of don't like how you can just insta-enemies with a lot of the gadgets. I feel like it makes combat way too easy and repetitive. I have a few ideas on how to make some of the gadgets a little weaker. For the impact web, I think it should only half-way web up an enemy when it hits them. This way you can't just instantly KO an enemy with this move, but if you have a little bit of web on an enemy already then you can still do it. To compensate for removing the instant KO ability, maybe have the attack deal decent damage on impact so if an enemy is low on health you can still KO them with this move. For the trip mine, I don't like how you can stick it onto an enemy and then potentially KO two enemies if a goon crosses paths with another one. I think the trip mine should only be able to web up KO an enemy if the mine has been planted on a surface. If a mine is placed on an enemy, then if the mine is set off by another enemy the two enemies will collide with each other and both will take damage and be knocked to the floor. If the mine is set off by a a wall then the enemy will smack into the wall for a similar effect.
  • Gadget removal/rework: I don't like the gravity well. I don't think it feels like a very "Spider-Man" gadget. It's also kind of OP, you can just set it and then all the enemies in it's radius are completely helpless. I think this gadget should be removed and turned into a suit power instead. While a little too wacky as a gadget, I think it would be fine as a suit power since a lot of the suit powers are wacky and a little nonsensical. I also don't like the spider drone gadget. It's kinda boring to use, you just throw it out and it wins the fight for you, but it's also literally just the spider bro suit power? Isn't that kind of redundant? Get rid of it and keep the Spider-Bro suit power.
  • Suit power recharge time: Something that I think should be implemented is a clear indicator of how long it takes a suit power to charge. It can be as simple as a label in the suit power's description that says "fast", "medium", or "slow". As it is in the game right now, the only way to figure out how long a suit power's recharge rate is to either try it out or look it up online. And because a lot of the abilities are underwhelming I don't really want to try them out and risk having a long recharge when I can just stick to the one I already like.
  • Suit power balance changes: Web blossom needs to have a slow recharge rate. That suit ability is way too good to have such frequent access to it. There are a few suit abilities that are a little redundant imo, and should either be removed or combined because of it. One of these cases is the similarity between the electric fist power and Arms race. Imo, arms race is way better. The activation is way faster, electrocutes enemies in a large radius around you, and has a pretty fast recharge rate. With electric fists, you have to activate the ability, and then hit someone in order to electrocute them. You can potentially electrocute more enemies with this ability, but its so slow that I'd rather just use arms race. Either get rid of electric fists or combine the two abilities together so that the initial activation electrocutes enemies in a small radius around you and then you can further electrocute enemies by punching them.
  • Boss fight improvements: Imo, boss fights are the worst part of this game in terms of gameplay. Basically every boss fight is the same thing: web up and/or throw something at the boss to stun them and then punch them. I'm not exactly sure how to fix this problem, but I have a few ideas. First of all, bosses should be damage-able regardless of whether or not they are stunned. I find it really silly how Spider-Man's punches and kicks just phase through enemies like Rhino because the game just decides that you can't hit them. Maybe this should be applied to every boss, but it should definitely be applied to some of them. Secondly, bosses should have more ways to interact with them. To use Rhino once more as an example, in his boss fight the only way to damage him is to bonk him on the head with the construction equipment to stun him and then punch him. Webs, throwable objects, and punches do nothing to him. At the very least, you should be able to web him up. Maybe web up his feet so he is stuck for a while in place (with his arms free so he can still hit you if you're not careful) so you can hit him there or give yourself a little time to run away for a bit.


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