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How Spider-Man VR could work

The climb 2

Path of the war (mostly because of the kick button they have, and you can pick up enemies/objects and throw them)



And any other recent game with a swinging gemmick or punching, plus stealth takedowns

These games right here are great examples, we have quite a fair amount of recent games that !water the swinging part, mainly yupitergrad, this game like many said is Russian Spider-Man, just replace the plungers with webs and there you go

Far from home vr allows you to take two web strings and pull them together to make a web net, that's something they could bring back, stride is a parkour VR game that many said it's just mirrors edge VR

This is something I can most likely see Spider-Man doing, it's a great compromise as let's face it, having the player flip and do all sorts of tricks would be a nightmare

Something like stride while not what fans want would be a good Middle ground, plus other games like path of the warrior allowed you to of course punch but also kick by using a kick button, you can see the characters foot without actually kicking in real life

An open world could be difficult as I don't think I've heard of a open world VR game, the best way would be to either do far from home and give us a decent size new York city hub or iron man VR where there can be hubs of different parts of new York for us to selcet and explore

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This could be an unlockable after you complete the story.

I honestly think a game where we take on the role of Spider-Man could work very well, while it would be cool to play as Peter or miles or 2099, the concept is anyone (even the fans in real life) can be Spider-Man which is a cool concept as EVERY kid wanted to be Spider-Man

So maybe for this game we can create our own custom avatar, like in walking dead Saints and sinners (plus a few more I have a hard time remembering) you can choose your skin color and vocie

That's something they can expand, give us different choices





And so on

Different skin tones and maybe 4 or 5 voice options

Another thing they Could do, while it isn't what fans wanted, I think if fans get tired of all the action and webs swinging and need to rest, there can he moments when were not in the suit

This is where the alternative universe idea comes in, this could be set in a alternate universe where we take on Peter's role as the new Spider-Man, with new versions of popular characters and villains

Maybe much like in web of shadows psp or the walking dead tattail games, whatever choices we make will get a bad, normal, or good ending.

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Maybe we can build up friendships with other characters, and if were given a tough choice it can effect it, like the metor will go down as they Change their mind on you

I think setting this back in high school could also be done well, look at spectacular Spider-Man and maybe sort of do it like job simulator, where you just mess with a bunch of stuff and goof around, basically give us something to mess with instead of just sitting around with nothing to interact

I also think this should feel like were in a Spider-Man movie/tv show

Vader immortal comes to mind as it would be technically the frist interactive VR movie, it does such a great job of keeping you invested and not wanting to take The headset of, so I think taking notes from Vader immortal would be a great scoure of inspiration

I think I ranting long enough, something like a Spider-Man VR game where The fans are in the role would be a good option That was one of the main things about the character that I think Marvel should push forward

Hell have the tagline "anyone can where the mask" or something


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