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I just replayed the game in anticipation of Miles Morales on PS5. Here’s all the loose ends I picked up on that could be addressed in the sequel(s)!

Content of the article: "I just replayed the game in anticipation of Miles Morales on PS5. Here’s all the loose ends I picked up on that could be addressed in the sequel(s)!"

This is my third time through the game, but this time I was looking through the lens of potential plot threads for future games (and making very liberal use of Photo Mode…again…). Here's what I've got!

Norman Osborn / The Green Goblin

1. Norman Osborn / The Green Goblin

If they dropped any more hints at this, it would’ve been fiveshadowing (okay, bad joke). The first game shows us that Norman has secret labs, off-the-books projects, and a serious disregard for rules and protocol. There’s also Goblin equipment all over the game. The helmet in Norman’s apartment will become the Goblin mask (it’s even got the trademark smile built into its shape), the medevac glider shown at the Grand Central Oscorp Expo will be the Goblin Glider, and the prototype hand grenades in the secret lab will become pumpkin bombs after an orange paintjob. To top it off, Norman is wearing a green suit throughout the game and is bathed in a vivid green light during the post-credits scene. Green Goblin is pretty much a guarantee for the next mainline sequel, though unlikely for Miles Morales (since Goblin is a very personal villain for Peter).

Harry Osborn / Venom

2. Harry Osborn / Venom

There’s a lot less evidence for Venom than there was for Green Goblin, in terms of sheer quantity—but the snippet we did get couldn’t be more clear. Harry is in a tube undergoing treatment for a genetic disease, and inside that tube with him is what (very obviously) appears to be a Symbiote. There's also an unknown project titled GR-35 in Norman's computer, which is probably a reference to Ultimate Spider-Man 35 (first appearance of Venom in the Ultimate comic series). Whether Harry remains bonded to it remains to be seen (it could eventually jump to Eddie Brock or Flash Thompson, who are both confirmed to exist in this universe), but it’s a very safe bet that we’ll be seeing more of Harry and Symbiotes in a sequel. Again, I’d wager on this being in the next Peter-centric game since there’s no real connection to Miles.

Yuriko Watanabe / The Wraith

3. Yuriko Watanabe / The Wraith

The Turf Wars and Silver Linings DLC show us Yuri's fall from grace, going from an upstanding detective to a murderous vigilante. Her comics storyline hits a lot of these same notes, but isn’t a direct parallel—so it’s a bit tricky to see where they’ll go with this storyline. But given her close friendship with Peter and her major role in the first game, it’s certain that we’ll be seeing more of her. This is likely to be in Peter’s next game, as she has no connection to Miles.

Dr. Morgan Michaels / Morbius, The Living Vampire

4. Dr. Morgan Michaels / Mobius, The Living Vampire

We’re introduced to Morgan Michaels as the lead scientist on GR-27 (a.k.a. Devil’s Breath) in the first game, and while he had an important role as a side character, there’s a lot more to him than initially suggested. If you read his in-game biography, you’ll see that he’s relatively unknown in the scientific community, despite being a genius. The reason? Morgan Michaels probably isn’t his real name. Peter even suggests that this might be the case, saying that “Michaels” may be an Americanized version of “Michaelopoulos”, a very Greek-sounding name.

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In the comics, Michael Morbius (The Living Vampire) used the name Morgan Michaels as an alias. He is a genetics scientist who hails from…you guessed it, Greece. Morbius had a genetic disease that caused him to take on traits of a vampire, and if Dr. Michaels from the game is indeed Morbius, it would make his work on GR-27 much more personal. He was probably so invested in the program because it would also help cure his disease, not just Harry's. The biography also notes that Dr. Michaels appears pale with dark circles around his eyes, further hinting at him being sick. With Devil’s Breath shelved after the crisis in the first game, it’s likely that Michaels’ disease will progress, transforming him into The Living Vampire.

Both Miles and Peter met Dr. Michaels in the first game, but given that Morbius is one of Peter’s main villains in the comics, we probably won’t see this story picked up in Miles Morales. Either way, it will be interesting since they all have a personal connection this time around (unlike in the comics).

The Symkarian Civil War

5. The Symkarian Civil War

The Silver Linings DLC tells us of a civil war happening in Symkaria (Silver Sable’s home country). Mary Jane flies to Symkaria to cover the story, and Silver Sable returns home after the events of the game. While this doesn’t directly hint at anything for a sequel, it creates the absence of MJ and Sable which could have indirect impacts. Peter and MJ also discussed possibly going on vacation together, once Hammerhead was taken care of. Perhaps Peter goes to Symkaria to look after MJ and Sable? Maybe this absence is why Miles will need to step up in his upcoming game?

Martin Li / Mr. Negative

6. Martin Li / Mr. Negative

Martin Li had a lot of screentime and great character development in the first game, but once Doc Ock came into the picture, he was kind of shoved to the side and forgotten about. We do learn in the DLC that he’s on the run, though—so there’s always potential for him to come back. I don’t think he’ll be a main focus for a second time, but I could see him popping up again as a minor character. He could work as a side villain, or they could even give him a redemption arc. Miles working at F.E.A.S.T. gives him some personal stakes here, so I could see it happening in either Miles Morales or the next sequel.

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Lonnie Lincoln (Tombstone) + Janice Lincoln (The Beetle)

7. Lonnie Lincoln (Tombstone) + Janice Lincoln (The Beetle)

Tombstone’s appearance in the first game became a fan-favorite as an example of a great chain of side-missions. It was far enough removed from the main plot that you don’t miss anything by making it optional, but it was also developed enough so that it didn’t feel like a one-off chore. Toss in some good setpieces and a decent boss fight, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Tombstone ended up going to jail, but as we know, villains seldom stay there very long. Tombstone’s appearance ended with him looking forward to another fight with Spidey, and I think it’s a sentiment that most players shared. Eagle-eyed players may have also noticed that Tombstone's daughter, Janice, is mentioned on one of the Daily Bugle covers. In the comics, she is one of the people who takes up the mantle of The Beetle. I would not be surprised to see Lonnie or his daughter appear in a sequel—Tombstone for the Round 2 fight, or Beetle as revenge for her dad. I could see this fitting in Miles Morales or the next main sequel.

Tony Masters / Taskmaster

8. Tony Masters / Taskmaster

Taskmaster was another sidequest done well, giving us some gameplay challenges that pushed players to their limits and culminated in a very unique boss fight. Taskmaster ends up escaping, hinting at a future encounter, so it’s possible that he comes back in a similar fashion. But with him being featured in the Avengers game, as well as the Black Widow film, I also wouldn’t be surprised if Insomniac shelved him for the time being to avoid oversaturation. Anything's possible though!

Otto Octavius / The Superior Spider-Man

9. Otto Octavius / The Superior Spider-Man

This one is a long shot, but it’s a very prominent story arc in the comics (including the recent Spider-Geddon comic, which features the PS4 Spider-Man in it). In the comics, Otto ends up taking over Peter’s body, to overcome the limitations of his own degenerating body. Once he succeeds, he has a change of heart (partially due to Peter’s lingering consciousness) and vows to become his own hero, better than the original Spider-Man…a Superior Spider-Man.

The Spider-Geddon comic shows us Superior Spider-Man crossing into the PS4 universe, and speaking to our Peter about Otto being in prison. When they depart, Superior Spider-Man leaves a Spider-Bot behind, saying that the disease is a fate that Otto Octavius should never suffer. Nothing has come of it yet, but the implication is clear…Superior Spider-Man has no intention of letting his alternate-universe counterpart rot in prison. It's probably too soon for us to see Otto again, since he was the main villain of the first game—but it's possible that we see some seeds being planted for the future.

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10. Clones?

Peter jokingly quips that he “wishes he could clone himself”, when he starts to get overwhelmed by all of the chaos happening in the city. Another Spidey or two would certainly make things easier…and while this was probably just a joke, it’s worth noting that Peter does have several clones in the comics. The clone storyline is probably too much to cram into a sequel that is already addressing all of the above, but it’s possible that this becomes a storyline they address even further down the road.

One area that I didn’t really touch on is other villains that Peter has already fought. This includes Lizard, Sandman, Mysterio, Chameleon, Swarm, and Tarantula. It’s totally possible that they appear, but I don’t see them being major plot points since they were already thrown in as cameos. We can probably expect roles similar in size to the Sinister Six (minus Octavius and Li) and Shocker, if they appear at all.

The interesting takeaway is that most of the loose threads are intricately tied to Peter—meaning we’ve definitely got some surprises in store for Miles Morales. I’m expecting Prowler, but am definitely curious to see where they take us.

I’d love to hear your guys’ thoughts—did I miss anything? Think I’m totally off base with any of them? Sound off in the comments!


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