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I think people have interpreted the post credit scenes incorrectly

The common assumption is that the black suit and Venom are coming to spiderman 2, I believe that's not the case, and instead Green Goblin will be the main antagonist, here's why:

A) Norman is the center of literally everything in Insomniac's spider man, he's actions are directly tied into the creation/introduction of Martin Li, Otto, Sable, Harry, Miles getting bitten by a spider

I think that this trend will continue with him being the mastermind of the second game, and potentially dying by the end presumably at the hands of peter which will send harry over the edge and against spiderman and set up a dark arc for spiderman culminating in venom

This way, it ensures that Norman is tied to the universe even after his death

B) The green goblin has been teased and built up throughout the entirety of Marvel's spiderman, this is a man who has lost everything to him(his wife), and now he is losing his son too, he was close to a cure with Devils breath but it got taken away, and now the press is onto him

You can see a prototype of his aerial drone at oscorp, you can see the grenades and the helmet on his apartment

This is a guy who's on the edge and won't give up until his son is cured, its likely that he will resort to use that technology in order to achieve his goals

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Norman has no reason to release harry/symbiote into the world yet, he is still in the process of finding the cure, makes no sense to have that plot playing out in SM2

C) From both a gameplay and story perspective, the black suit and venom are the most exciting bits of spiderman, with the theme of yourself being your worst villain as well as the gameplay additions of the black suit, its very likely that they'll save it for the third game, otherwise it would feel weird to have to go back to the normal suits in SM3 and would feel like a downgrade

D) They're leaving the fans thirsty for the black suit, building it as the main point of the trilogy where you can look back and see the teases since the first game

In short, Green Goblin will be the main antagonist of SM2, the main gameplay feature will be Peter with Miles as playable characters(the symbiote would clutter it too much)


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