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I wrote a short prelude for “Spider-Man: Miles Morales”. Enjoy!

Miles is in his room distracted from his homework and watches the evening news. Peter knocks on Miles' window. Miles slides his window open and he asks about Peter's encounters with the Tarantula (see Spider-Geddon #0 comic). They also discuss the other Spider-Man that was with Peter (Otto Octavius). Miles is confused and Peter explains the situation: the multiverse is in danger. Peter is called to help and he needs Miles to hold the fort while he is away.

Peter: "Again, I am not saying look for trouble. I am saying if there is a real emergency while I am gone, and you think you can handle it – -"

Miles: "Got it. I am ready Pete! And MJ said that she'd help me the way she does you. It'll be fine."

Peter and Miles shake hands. Peter jumps out of Miles' bedroom window and webslings away with the other Spider-Man. Miles looks in awe.

Sometime passes and Miles goes on patrol. People quickly notice that something is off about Spider-Man. His inexperience and fight banter give it all away. Jameson's broadcasts get to Miles and he starts getting sloppy. He tried too hard to be Peter's Spider-Man rather than his own. It is time to step up his game and be himself.

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Miles makes his own assortment of gadgets. He feels ready but he knows that if he wants to really be different, he is going to need a new suit.

As luck would have it, Peter has returned and knocks on Miles' bedroom window. He tells him about his interdimensional adventures and Miles explains the situation in New York. Peter is incredibly proud of how Miles has handled it all. Despite everything that New York has thrown at him, Miles is still willing to go on being Spider-Man.

Peter: "A hero is just someone who doesn't give up. Your dad said that. And he was right. Now it's your turn."

Peter gives Miles the iconic red and black suit (inspired by a Miles from another universe). Miles suits up and makes a heroic pose. Peter smiles and knights Miles as Spider-Man. He opens Miles' window and signals Miles to jump out.

Peter: "Go be a hero, Miles."

Miles looks in disbelief and then cycles through delight, satisfaction, pride and determination, and then braces himself for what's to come.

Miles: "Okay. Let's do this."

Both put on their masks and jump out the window. Miles and Peter websling as equals. As the Spider-Men.


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