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More ideas for my Aunt May as Spider-Man story arc

A couple weeks ago, I made a post describing a story arc I developed with Aunt May being Spider-Man instead of Peter. After that, I had a couple of easy threads that hit me and after thinking about them, I decided to share them. This’ll be my last post, don’t worry, lol.

So, the first update I thought of is that these criminals she busts as revenge for the kid she’s counselling wouldn’t give an accurate description to the cops. When prompted, they’d be worried about seeming weak if they tell the cops that the vigilante that stopped them was a short, skinny woman who might be a grandma. So, the description they give is a lot closer to Luke Cage rather than Aunt May. When Luke Cage starts getting complimented for cleaning up Chinatown as well as Harlem he’s rightfully confused and starts investigating to see who might be impersonating him.

He discovers Aunt May is the vigilante and after a few arguments, since they hunt the same type of crooks, they start teaming up and tossing each other work. I had this picture in my head of them in plain clothes, having a strategy meeting at a Jamaican restaurant where the waitress asks him who May is and he jokingly says “my grandmother” before putting his arm around her and they both laugh.

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The next connection is Pepper Potts. When May tests her powers by running up the side of Avengers’ Tower, Pepper is on a tea break. When May runs past her window, she spits out her tea in confusion and runs to the window. She gathers the security cam footage and has one of Happy’s guys follow her to gather intel before offering to bankroll May’s vigilantism, which May declines several times.

The last thing, is just a joke panel. But, in order to fix May’s broken back, the spider venom would have needed to build considerable back muscles and traps, so to hide this because clothing older lady’s wear wouldn’t cover up sudden massive traps at all, she starts wearing scarves everywhere, even in her pyjamas. So, at one point Peter confused asks her if she joined a scarf subscription-box.


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