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My idea for Spider-Man 2

Content of the article: "My idea for Spider-Man 2"

Harry returns to New York from “Europe” he seems perfectly healthy and peter and mj find this suspicious

Whilst interacting with Harry, peter is infected with a portion of the symbiote keeping Harry alive

The game will show peter becoming more violent due to the symbiote reacting with his powers

Meanwhile Harry Osborn can feel his symbiote react to the one peter has and goes Berserk becoming an incomplete venom

Norman is in the background trying to find a different solution to the symbiote due to its potential of becoming self aware . He uses the data from the spiders he made and data on the symbiote in order to make a super soldier serum that can heal Harry fully

Miles and mj try to track down this monster wreaking havoc on the city whilst trying to deal with an evil peter and mj eventually finds out it’s Harry and that the thing that’s turned him and peter into monsters is actually hats keeping him alive

They go to Norman as a last ditch effort revealing that they are the Spider-Men and at the end of what is act 2 they take the symbiote of peter. But it reconnects to Harry completing venom now armed with spider like abilities.

Venom takes mj hostage and the spiders and Norman hatch a plan to give Harry the performance enhance after taking venom down

A final confrontation happens in which venom is caught in a chamber with the enhancer loaded. He damages the machine and peter mj and Norman breakthrough to Harry

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The chamber is about to explode and knowing peter and miles can help Harry he stays behind to minimise the explosion

Norman dies in the explosion knowing his sons health and safety are in the hands of the people that care about him

No body is found

Cut to a post credit scene of Harry being helped by peter and miles for controlling the symbiote and a cutback to a secret oscorp lab in which prototype tech is being stored with a maniacal laugh heard in the background and the words “down came the rain and washed the spiders out”

It’s a really rough cut of what o would want with a lot of holes to fill and develop but I think the concept of the Spider-Men dealing with the symbiote and venom for the 2nd game with green goblin being the focus of 3 is perfect for a game trilogy

Harry’s symbiote turning into “Proto venom” is due to the one mind of the symbiote wanting to be whole and developing its own thought process


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