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Need Advice For A Spider-Man Fan Story

Content of the article: "Need Advice For A Spider-Man Fan Story"

Hey, I'm Currently Making A Spider-Man Fan Story and I finally made the first chapter, I really need advice and criticism, Anything Helps.

Here we have Miles, Sleeping after a long day of doing the usual, homework, school, fighting thugs. But he’s is awoken after his friend, Ganke.

Ganke: Miles, wake up! was almost late!

Miles started to move and wake up, but he was still very tired


Just then, He finally figured out what Ganke meant


he Flipped out of his bed and started to change clothes

Ganke: Meet me outside, don’t want Spider-Man getting detention.

Miles chuckles and gets up, puts his half-finished homework in his backpack along with his books. and goes to school. He goes over to a small shop and goes to buy some food that his mom told him to get. just then. 3 brute robbers come in and push miles out of the store.


Store Owner: P-Please, I-I don’t have any money

Brute 2: He’s Bluffing, lets get him-

Spider-Man: didn’t your mom tell you to go to school and NOT rob banks.

The 3 robbers turn around and see miles, in his black and red spider-suit, leaning on the door frame. 1 of the robber’s charges at him, but miles does a double back-flip and punches him on the back. then both of the robbers try and double team him.

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Spider-Man: I guess 2 birds are better than one

Miles venom punches one of them, then web strike takedowns the other. He goes to see if the store owner is ok, but he already escapes. miles sighs then looks at the clock on the store

Spider-Man: OH NO-

Miles jumps into the air and swings to get to school. once he got there, he goes on top of the school and starts to change out of his suit.

Miles: why didn’t I set an alarm, I need to remember to do that!

Miles then remembers that he got tired of the alarm clock’s loud ringing so he venom shocked it. he sighs again and then opens the bathroom window and goes inside, then walks to his class.

Ms.Susan: Ok cla-, …Oh Mr.Morales, I take it you already know your 2 hours late to class?

Miles: Yeah…sorry about that..the wind blew my homework everywhere….

Miles freezes in place, he only HALF did his homework, because of his fight against Kingpin thugs. but before he could make up something, Susan already had his backpack.

Ms.Susan: Let’s see, half done, not done, almost done, and…

Then she pulled out miles spider-man suit.

Ms.Susan: And playing dress-up?

The whole class starts to laugh.

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Ms:Susan: Class Dismissed, yes, and you, Morales.

Everyone starts to leave and go home, while Ganke runs to meet miles.

Ganke: Dude, where have you been.

Miles: I’ve was busy on the way to school.

Ganke: Normal Stuff or….

Miles: The Other option.

After The Walk, Miles and Ganke went to their dorm and started to take out his costume and put it in the closet, and throws himself on his bed.


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