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Netflix tricked me – My Experience with Spectacular Spider-Man

So about a month ago, I was sitting there, watching youtube, and a video appeared on my recommended, A compilation video of all the Mary-Jane moments in Spectacular Spider-Man.

Now, I don't know why I watch these kind of videos. I think it is mostly curiosity and boredom, but they always lead to me finding great shows. I found the Harley Quinn show through a Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy ship video, (great animated show for mature audiences, definitely recommend), so why not watch this one, right?

So I clicked on the video, (minor spoiler warning:

), and that was just the start. I didn't register the "Spectacular" part of the title, and didn't know much about Spider-Man shows, but coming off recently watching the Raimi films for the first time, I was itching for some more spidey action.

I enjoyed the video, and in a sudden I was transfixed, and youtube, with its magnificent algorithm, recommended the perfect video to follow it up, "Why Spectacular Spider-Man is the best Marvel cartoon ever." (MAJOR SPOILERS, they aren't stated, but they are present in b-roll, not that I registered them when watching it originally:

) I was given no choice. I had to watch this video. What was I missing out on?

The video itself was a pleasure to watch. It was an analysis of a show, but it was extremely compelling and very well edited.

After watching the video, I kinda forgot about the show. I was intrigued, I wanted to watch it, but it went on the list and I kinda forgot about it.

That was, until I realised it was on Netflix. Now I knew that it was cancelled abruptly after the second season, but Netflix only showed one. I thought it was one of those things where they only had the rights to the first season. So with the intention of watching the second season on an online streaming site (a bad one), I began to watch.

The show was incredible. I won't go into too much detail, but I loved every minute. It had such compelling story and characters, and I was thoroughly invested, watching a few episodes a day. cleaning up the first season in just under 2 weeks.

So that brings us to now. But why am I saying this? How did Netflix trick me?

The truth is, the "one" season on Netflix wasn't one season. It was both. They had merged them into one 26 episode season, making me believe that there was more spider-man to watch. But there wasn't.

Now I expected a bad cliffhanger. I walked into this knowing there was pain at the end. But I thought I would be able to deal with it. I was wrong. Maybe it was because I thought there was more, but all I know is that I was tricked. All I know is that I am sitting here at 2am, typing this reddit post over immeasurable disappointment. All I know is that there is no more Spectacular Spider-Man to watch, there will never be.

But I regret nothing. I just finished a spider-man tv show.

And it was Spectacular.


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