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Opinion: Peter and Mary are a toxic relatioship.

Content of the article: "Opinion: Peter and Mary are a toxic relatioship."

Okay, before I get into this, I would like to say in other media, Peter and Mary are fine. But the game shows a different perspective on it.

Peter and Mary are toxic and shouldn't be together. Playing the game, I kept getting annoyed mostly by Mary about her constant bickering at Peter over things that normal people would worry about.

(Spoilers) Peter and Mary decided to be partners and try to solve the new badie in new york. That's fair, being a reporter and stuff, but the thing that annoys me about Mary is that she constantly throws herself into danger, but then gets pissed off at Peter when he lectures about it.

Like, she doesn't even carry a gun or something with her. Its only the last chapter of the game we play as her is when she gets a weapon! Think about it? Your a female sneaking around dangerous parts of new york just to get info? And most of those dangerous parts are powerful thugs that you probably can't outrun!

Mary can get kidnapped, raped, or even murdered! But she does it anyway just to get info.

The thing that gets me is that Peter tells her, even begs her, not to do those things. He even offers assistance to help her, but she still throws herself into danger! And then she got pissed when he removes her from the danger.

She was even willing to break off the relationship because she didn't feel that Peter trust her enough. Like…you are an idiot!

I can see from Peter's side why this would be annoying. Imagine just a normal guy panicking days on end because his girlfriend decided to go into a thugs hideout with no gun. And then when Peter tries to help, she reverses the situation and makes him feel like the bad guy for being overprotective of her. It's not like your walking down a dark alley at night Mary (although that is bad too), you are literally walking into danger zones with no protection at all.

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She tries to do the strong-smart independent woman act, but it just makes her look like an idiot! Seriously, I do not see a man having a healthy relationship with her.

Peter and Mary are toxic because Mary is going to constantly make Peter feel like the bad for worrying about her. And even though she admits that she does wrong, she doesn't seem like she cares a lot about it. I mean, by the end of the last DLC, she decides to go to a war zone to report on what's going on. Like…really?


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