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Phin is a terrible friend

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Let me start off my saying I love the game and have already beaten it twice but both times I hated Phin the entire game. She is such a hypocrite about Miles lying but all she did prior was lie to Miles. Her motivations make sense but her treatment of Miles pissed me off especially since Miles was only ever caring and concerned for her. The thing that pissed me off the most about her though was how she attacked Roxxon at Miles’ mom’s campaign rally. She goes on to say everything would’ve been fine if Spider-man hadn’t have shown up but Miles’ mom got hurt before he even swung in.

Further, it doesn’t make any sense to attack her rally since she was campaigning against Roxxon in particular. Sure she wanted to make a public statement but do it at a Roxxon event, not your friends mom’s rally who is on your side anyways. Finally, and this is the reasons I really hate her character, Phin knows Miles lost his dad at a campaign rally just over a year ago but chooses to attack his moms rally and put her in danger. She should know how fucked up that is and that Miles and his mom might still have PTSD over that incident and that this attack not only would put them in immense danger but also dredge up their past trauma. Miles never brings any of these things up and continues to give Phin a free pass to treat him like shit with no consequences but Phin acts so betrayed that Miles is Spider-man and is trying to stop her from blowing up his neighborhood.

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I wish Miles told Phin off at least once for all the shit she did and how insensitive she was to him and his mom instead of just forgiving her for everything she does so easily. This really made me hate her character and I think she got off too easy by being allowed to go out like a hero even though she caused the whole incident. This didn’t detract from my love for the game but I found myself yelling at Phin through the TV screen several times while playing. Anyone else feel this way?


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