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it’s hard to rank all 44 suits in the game, but i’ll do my best. i’ll be ranking off how much i use them, and how good they look.

44: Resilient Suit

while i appreciate what they were going for, i really don’t like the eyes or the greyish blue colors.

43: Arachnid-Rider Suit: while it’s a cool addition, I don’t like the cell shading in this. the eyes are too yellow, the spider logo is too big, and i don’t like the blue coming off the top.

42: Spider-UK Suit: i simply don’t like this suit. the blue is plain ugly, and the eyes feel a bit stretched.

41: Aaron Aikman Suit: i don’t like the armored suits in general, and this seems to be the weakest one of all.

40: Spider Armor MK III Suit: way too bulky imo, and the outward spider on the back throws me off.

39: Electrically Insulated Suit: I despise the big white eyes and the padded red.

38: Armored Advanced Suit: I don’t like the way the white armor blushes from the red, and the back has too much black on it.

37: Spider-Clan Suit: it irks me how the backpack has no straps, and i don’t like the eyes.

36: Iron Spider Suit (Comics) i don’t like the combination of gold and red, and much more prefer the MCU version.

35: Cyborg Suit: i think the arm is okay, but it’s a bit too basic and doesn’t fit with the rest of the suit.

34: White 2099 Suit: i hate the freakish cream color ew

33: Undies Suit: really stupid suit for 100% the game, but funny i guess

32: Bombastic Bag Man Suit: i wish it would’ve been just a fan4stic suit, and the bag ruins it.

31: Spider-Armor MK I: i know what you’re thinking “this guy stinks this suit is good” no it isn’t. it’s overhyped. the grey metallic and the cloth black dont mix, and i don’t feel like a spider-man when using it.

30: Spiderverse Suit: I respect it, but I don’t like the style and the eyes.

29: Homemade Suit: definitely my least favorite MCU suit in the game. I don’t really like the whole hoodie, and the head shape is a bit weird.

28: Velocity Suit: the metallic look is not good for me, and the eyes feel too robot-y. the blue spider on the back feels dumb to put, it should’ve been smaller like the front.

27: Spirit Spider: while it’s a cool addition, it strays too far away from spider-man for my taste.

26: Wrestler Suit: i like how it is basically his first suit, and the mask is alright, but the clothes are too basic and his shoe game is trash

25: ESU Suit: I kinda wish it was the same but without the mask. i get why they kept it, because if they took it off they’d have to animate peters face outside of scripted story moments, and it wouldn’t make sense overall. it’s the closest we get to peter parker though.

24: Spider Armor MK II Suit: i’m alright with the body, but the head is god awful. the back of his head looks like a disc, and the front is too wide. it doesn’t look like he has eyes at all. Anti Ock suit is way better as an alternative.

23: Noir Suit: The collar is not right with me, and the pants feel too old? if that makes sense at all? and the vest is just ugly. the head is pretty cool though.

22: Scarlet Spider II Suit: i like the rest of these suits, but the chest is mediocre. i feel it’s too basic and it doesn’t sit right.

21: Classic Suit (Damaged) Im surprised this is so high up, and surprised why everyone rates it as the worst. i wish it was more damaged, as everyone does, but it doesn’t stray too far from the original repaired classic suit, which you’ll be seeing later.

20: Fear Itself Suit: the Blue and Black look okay, but the gauntlets ruin it for me.

19: Big Time Suit: Love using this when it’s dark, but the eyes are a bit too big for my liking, and his belt area is weird looking.

18: Anti Ock Suit: this suit is cool, i’ll admit. i used it for a while after the story because of its significance. i’ve distanced from it, but it’s not a bad suit at all. The metal can throw me off sometimes, but that’s about it.

17: Future Foundation Suit: The white and black go well, but the eyes are too similar to a bug, and i don’t like how it looks.

16: Vintage Comic Book Suit: I used this so much when i unlocked it, and it’s a great addition, i’ve fell out of love a bit, but this is still an amazing suit.

15: Dark Suit: used to be in my number one spot believe it or not, and it’s a really awesome suit. The lower half however, is not it. The grey doesn’t look right.

14: Iron Spider (MCU) Thjs suit is phenomenal. i love how it looks. but the yellow is kind of ugly and the blue eyes are a weird turquoise color.

13 Stealth Suit: this suit is so good. period. the belt, the fingerless gloves, the shoe game, amazing and on point. but the mask… eh….

12: Last Stand Suit: I love this suit to death. Works really well in the turf war dlc. I love the jacket, the jeans, and the mask a lot. i’m using it actually right now, on my 6th play through.

11: Black 2099 Suit: it’s a classic. everyone loves this suit. the spikes are rad, the spider, the mask. gorgeously made.

10: Spider Punk: This suit is amazing. The shoe game on point, the Jacket is stylish, the spikes on the head, and even the bracelets. spectacular.

9: Negative Suit: there’s something about the black and white that just sits right. i love using this at night and it’s just amazing.

8: Scarlet Spider Suit: Good ol’ Ben Reily. The jacket with the spray paint is immaculate. the wrists are on point. The belt is dashing. the eyes look great.

7: Stark Suit: it’s close to home, and plays a good role in the movie. not much to say other than it’s a damn good suit.

6: Upgraded Suit: the red and black go nicer than the red and blue of the stark suit.

5: Secret War Suit: this suit is just too good. the Miles esque webbing and the blue spider makes it pop off the screen. way too good.

4: Classic Suit (Repaired) ive always been a sucker for immersion, so of course i’m gonna absolutely adore the classic suit. the red and blue blend so nicely and the spider looks damn good.

3: TASM Suit: it’s a good blend of the red and blue and i know i say that a lot but here it’s the truest. the way the blue arm goes to a red stripe into the red arm with blue highlights astonishes me. the Lenses look damn impressive and the cloth is so well made. i love how the spider on the back hangs as the legs go down.

2: Advanced Suit: Insomniac really outdid themselves with this suit. it’s almost perfect. The new white spider looks phenomenal and the white accents on the arms and body look really nice. I also like the slight change in red from the classic suit.

1: Webbed Suit: we all knew this was clearly gonna be at the #1 spot. the sam raimi movies raised me as a kid and got me to love spider-man in every way. the suit is drop dead gorgeous. The eyes don’t have expressions, so you never know what he’s feeling, and i like that mystery. the entire suit is webbed nicely, and that blue color is chefs kiss magnificent. the spider on the back looks realistic, too. that’s all we have for today. this list took me 3 hours to do, and it’s currently 11:30 pm and i have school in the morning. i’m about to take the biggest sleep ever. sweet dreams folks.


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