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Small ways i think ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ PS4 is better than ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ PS4

I know what your thinking when you read that title…

"Wait, what?! How is The Amazing SM 2 better than Marvel's Spider-Man?"

And I agree with you all that its not better as a whole, with it being outdated in comparison. BUT, upon playing Marvel's SM I missed a few features that were in TASM 2 that I feel could have helped the latest SM title.

  1. Web-Swinging: So in TASM 2, when webswinging, it allowed the player to use the L2 and R2 to say which arm Spidey used to swing from (with L2 being left and R2 being right). Even though I do LOVE what L2 does in Marvel's SM where it's used to aim, I would have loved to also use both triggers to swing around the city. Also, Web slingshot was a great feature that didn't make in Marvel's that just made web swinging faster and more fun for me, so I wish it gets included in an update sometime.

  2. (My main love for TASM 2) The Menace Level: Oh how I love the menace level… Yes I actually do love it that was not sarcasm. Not only is it a great feature, but its symbolism is basically SM motto.

In TASM 2, there was an amazing feature that I really loved, the menace level. While most of you might not like this for its down sides, but to each their own.

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The Menace level in TASM 2 is a bar on-screen that tracks how much of a menace SM is. The more random crimes you complete, the higher the meter rises. But if you forget about doing the random crimes and events or don't succeed in completing them in the time limit or at all, not only do more random crimes and events pop up around the map more frequently, but you get assigned a menace by the New Yorkers. A news broadcast pops up and calls SM a menace if the meter is negative and a savior if positive and even the New Yorkers walking around the sidewalks and streets either praise or yell at SM depending on the level.

Ok, Now how is its symbolism great? Well SM is given a choice and gets consequences based on the results. Do you go fight the smaller random crimes and events around the map to get the crowd to love you more, or do you skip them all and go for the main baddies? SM is always given a choice and has to try and do the right thing.That is exactly reflected in the Menace level. It makes the game feel more real, even if its annoying for the player.

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So what do you guys think? Do any of you who have also played TASM 2 agree with me?

As always, if I find any more great features that I didn't include yet, I will edit this post and add them, so stay tuned.


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