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Spider 3: Intro and Bonus credit scene

Spider-Man: Tangled Webs

J Jonah appears on screen. “There you have it folks, conclusive proof that SPIDER-MAN was responsible for the brutal murder of Mysterio. An inter-dimensional Warrior who gave his life to protect out planet, and who no doubt, will go down as THE GREATEST SUPERHERO of all time… But that’s not all folks. Here’s the real block buster. Brace yourselves, you might want to sit down.”

“Spider-Mans real.. Spider-Mans real name is” says Mysterio as static flashes across the screen. “Spider-Mans real name is…” static interrupts the video again. A flash of scarlet passes through SpiderMan and continues beyond. Peter continues to look at the screen a bit baffled as he fought Mysterio and doesn’t believe what he is seeing. And suddenly confused by the scarlet flash that is growing across the city. As it seems his identity might be revealed. The scarlet flash now is a enveloping bubble that Peter notices and it reaches the screen. “Spider-Mans real name is…” static flashes across the screen again as the bubble passes through and beyond. The static clears away and a man says “You’ve stuck your webs in my business for the last time, now you’ll have this woman’s death on your conscience if you don’t bring the Tritium to the clock tower in one hour. Don’t keep me waiting Spider-Man, I know what she means to you.” Says a man with a grimacing smile, stepping back to reveal a long mental tentacle holding a red headed woman screaming while hanging off the roof. Pushing the camera away and more static.

“WHO THE F….!” Screams Peter…

J Jonah Jamison reappears on the screen. “Please Spider-Man, I know we haven’t been on the best of terms. But please, save my sons soon to be wife.” Peter now confused at who the man on screen is and suddenly realizing he has to get in action and figure out what’s going on and how to save this woman. He hits speed dial to call Ned, and a strange voice answers.

“Bro.. are you headed to the clock tower? Do you have the Tritium” says the stranger.

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“What Tritium? …wait who is this, where is Ned?” Replies Peter.

“Ned.. who’s Ned, this is Genke, your good friend Pete. Focus! Did you get the Tritium” says Genke.

“No, I was swinging through the city. I had a date” replies Peter.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? GET TO FISK TOWER… NOW! The tritium is there. I’ll figure out where in the building it is while you’re on the way”.

Genke hangs up and a GPS is activated in Peters suit telling him the direction to Fisk Tower. Peter then races across the city. Confused at what is happening. Not understanding who was on the screen and what happened to Mysterio. But thoughts he couldn’t dwell with the lack of time on his side in the need to recover this Tritium.

Peter arrives at Fisk Tower. ‘Open window on the 12th floor’ ‘28 windows from your right.’ ‘Tritium on the twenty-second floor in a vault’ in a succession of text. Peter focuses and spots the window and makes his way in. ‘You’ll have to take the elevator as there is no outside access to the room besides that elevator shaft’ ‘and be careful in there’ ‘there’s a big energy source coming from that room’. Peter races towards the elevator and taps at the button calling for the elevator to go up hoping it makes the elevator appear faster. Peter looks around the floor and notices it is empty and almost seeming abandon. Realizing there is no power, Peter opens the elevator door and shoots 2 webs toward the roof and launches himself to upper floors. Where he comes across elevators that are in place and blocking the access to the 22 floor. Quickly Peter opens the bottom latch of the elevator and slides up and stealthy makes his way in the 22 floor.

Peter crawls to the ceiling and noticing nothing is here but a man typing at a computer facing away from the door. “Excuse me sir, EXCUSE ME” Pete yells as the man didn’t respond. Peter crawls over, realizes the man has headphones, drops from above and taps the man on the shoulder. Startled, the man jumps from his seat and shouts. “What the.. oh… Spider-Man. What are you doing here?.. what’s happening?” Says the janitor. “Where is everyone? Why are you the only person here”. Ask Peter. “No… nnnn… no reason, working on some projects I was given. Boss said I was the only man for.. for the job” he says nervously and star struck. “What do you know about a vault and tritium in the building?” Pete says as he glances down at the desk and reads ‘Max Dillion’ on a elevator access badge. Another scarlet flash shoots through the air. And a room that was once dark and only lit by the light at the desk and the computer screen, suddenly glowed yellow and the brightest ray came right besides Peter. “HOW’D YOU GET HERE”. A voice yells as Peter looks up to be punched across the room missing the door by a foot or two. A dazed Peter shakes it off and refocuses to see a man now floating through the air with streaks of electricity falling from his hands and legs. Moving ever so slowly towards him with a evil laugh.

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“Who are you” Peter says with a grimace of pain from the fall.

“How many times do we have to go over this… I… am… Electro!” And a bolt of electricity is then shot Peters way. And just before it hits Peter. another scarlet flash sweeps the room and Peter sits in a well lit lobby. A text comes across his HUD. ‘Where are you, ive been waiting for 40 minutes’ – M.J. The building is buzzing with chatter heard in the rooms and walls around him. And before him sits a woman at her desk that reads Oscorp across the front. She seized chewing her bubble gum as Spider-Man is hit on the head with a paper basketball that was intended for the trash can behind him. Dumbfounded. The broom closet opens, and Pete is hit by the door and a man walks out. Walks to the secretary’s desk with a stack of pizzas by his side held together by wire. Places them all on the desk and the camera shows the mans face, a familiar smile to the audience and he says, “Pizza time”.

** Spider-Man: Tangled Webs ** flashes as the crowd claps and cheers.

Bonus : Post Credit scene

Doctor Strange wakes from a meditation almost as if it was a nightmare. “No”. He mutters and jumps to his feet. “What is she doing”. “How is she doing this”. “This shouldn’t be possible”. As he races to the balcony of the sanctorum. Steven is at a lost for words as he looks out to the world and sees scarlet flashes sweeping through the city and encompassing the world. A man falling from the sky lands before him. Looks at Stephen Strange and ask. “Where is the Scarlet Witch?”. “She’s everywhere”. Strange replies. * screen cuts to black *

Doctor Strange Will Return

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