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Hi friends. As a fellow web head I’d like to think we respect each others opini- PFFFFFT AHAHHAHAHAHAH- Just joking. Anyway it’s gonna be long so let begin.


  1. The Amazing Spider-Man 1-3 (1977-1979)

When thinking about Spider-Man movies people often draw blank to nick. I know he’s not fully forgotten but he is easily the MOST comic accurate Spider-Man out there. With an awesome suit and great stories this Spider-Man is first on my list. All-10/10

  1. The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

Oh boy i can feel the angry typing now. Welp it’s only gonna get worse. The ASM 2012 series is underrated as hell and I don’t know why. You can tell it was going for a darker tone then most Spidey movies and it does it well. I can smell the ultimate comics leaking in. Over all i love this series as whole. Andrew is the Spider-man I grew up with and the final swing still gives me goosebumps. 9.5/10

  1. Spider-man: FFH

With the MCU having a constantly ever-growing roster of heros from comics and proving that comic movies can bring in billions of dollars, Back in 2016 we introduced to Tom Holland’s version of the beloved web swinger and…….People didn’t like it. I can see why with iron boy junior but is that bad? I get we want traditional Spider-Man but we’ve already had multiple versions of that and I Some what enjoy what the MCU is doing. Dan Slott fucked up but Spidey can still be Spidey even if he is like Tony.(With the W.E.B lab) Anyway FFH is way better than homecoming. And we got Mysterio EEEEEEEE- Not much to say. 9/10

  1. The Amazing Spider-Man 2
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ASM 2 is a step down from it‘s original in story but ups it in cinematography and design. Just look at that suit just *French kiss* It clearly went for a more light hearted tone and wanted to introduce the Sinister Six but was bombed by critics at the time but it really didn’t deserve it. The ASM movies were great it will always have one of my favorite Spider-Man. 8.5/10

  1. Spider-Man: Homecoming

The first solo movie and solid introduction of the MCU Spider-Man it does a great job. Not my first pick when it comes to the MCU but it’s charm and story make up for it. Tom is amazing at catching that young just starting out Spider-man and seems like he has fun doing it. (I mean who wouldn’t.) 7/10

  1. Spider-Man 1-3

Meh. I know the Sam Raimi films are seen as the best in business when it comes to Spider-Man game. They have been important to POP culture with The Simpsons making a whole treehouse of horror segment to it. I’m not a fan. They capture Peter and Spider-Man in good moments. (Spider-Man 2 is no-where near as good as people say.) William Defoe as Green Goblin is god’s true work. I get why people like them and feel emotional about it but it’s not my cup of tea. 1- (6.4/10) 2- (6/10) 3-(5/10)

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And that’s it those are my rankings for the movies. If you have any objections feel free to comment but realize this is what i think. See you next time. (Maybe: Spider-Man T.V rankings.)


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