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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was Amazing before the studio meddled their way in!

Now this may seem like I hate Raimi's Trilogy or the MCU Spider-Man, I love them but Andrew Garfield is the best one for me.

I honestly loved the TASM series, they were a complete different adaptation or you could day, a complete different vision of the iconic character Spider-Man. I still remember the time when The Amazing Spider-Man was released, when I watched it I fell in love with that film. I loved the cast, the story, the costume, the cinematography, almost everything in that film. I was waiting for the sequel like a child waiting for his 10th birthday. And when I saw The Amazing Spider-Man 2, I fell in love with it.

Time passed and in 2016 TASM series and it's spin-offs were cancelled and me and many TASM fans were left heartbroken. I never moved on from the fact that Andrew Garfield was done dirty by Sony Pictures.

Whenever I used to tell anybody that I am a big fan of TASM series they always mocked me and comparing Tobey's version and crowning him The Superior One.

After a few years I started reading Spider-Man comics from the starting, and when I finished it…the most close representation of Spider-Man I found was of Andrew's and the most close representation of Peter Parker was of Tom's. To be honest, I loved Tobey but after reading the comics and other Spider-Man related materials, I found out he was different but he was still loved but why wasn't Andrew gave the same treatment?

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Now last year I had a marathon of every Spider-Man films till date and I rewatched every Spider-Man film and my live for Spider-Man went up the graph. I rewatched TASM series and again started wondering what went wrong, I used to read about everything, every article related to TASM series. My "research" kind of stopped today when I saw few things that changed my mind.

I opened my laptop, went onto YouTube, in my recommendation their was a video titled 'The Amazing Spider-Man' and it had a thumbnail of TASM 2 when Peter goes to meet Harry and they both see the video of their fathers talking about their research. I clicked on it instantly because I was still invested in finding out the real reason why it's hated so much. It was a deleted scene from TASM 2 and I watched the whole video and my reaction went like WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH SONY!? The whole sequence had so much depth, it kind of explains the events that happened in the film's end and it was such a beautiful scene. I then watched every deleted scene in the movie and found that TASM 2 was meant to be hated, not because of the director or the actors, but because of the studio. The same studio that snatched Spider-Man 4 and other future films from us!

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Andrew was good, he was the BEST SPIDER-MAN, the BEST PETER PARKER but he was too good for the toxic fans. I am going to link the videos I watched that helped me accept the fact that TASM was the best adaptation of Spider-Man. And I am not saying Tobey and Tom aren't I still watch their films because I love Spider-Man.

Peter goes to meet Harry after he calls me to OscorpAll deleted scenes

All of the deleted scenes from TASM 2

And toxic fans, F*** YOU!


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