Marvel's Spider-Man

The combat in this game is incredible. It is now my favorite combat system out of any game.

Content of the article: "The combat in this game is incredible. It is now my favorite combat system out of any game."

As a huge Spider-Man fan I didn’t have the PS4 for the longest time and when I did get one I kept putting of getting this game. I had to settle for the Arkham games to satisfy my cravings (awesome games they were too). I got the game this weekend and I love it. The first two hours I wasn’t as impressed with the combat and everything (mostly because I didn’t understand it) but halfway through completing the main story I love the combat. The game challenges you and encourages the use of the gadgets in order to make it easier on yourself. There are so many creative ways to take out enemies as well. Sometimes I press triangle to dodge because the Arkham games are still in my muscle memory though, lol. Many have criticized the combat in this game for being too derivative of Batman, but is that a bad thing? Also the combat in theory is similar but in execution is very different. The Batman Arkham games have more of a natural free flowing combat system with more grounded enemies and while gadgets are still used, I don’t feel they are needed and the way to u access them disrupts the flow of combat. Spider-Man’s combat isn’t as free flowing, requiring you to press a dedicated button to zip to the next enemy if they are out of range (Batman has the grapple but he is able to inexplicably jump to enemies meters away), the game consistently throws more enemies at you and different varieties which challenge you greatly and force you to use your gadgets, and the gadgets menu slows the game down to give you a fair chance to use them without disrupting your flow. Not to mention, the suit powers. When I first started playing on Saturday I thought Batman’s combat was better, but when I started unlocking more abilities and gadgets and started fighting more intelligently, Spider-Man quickly won me over. The game does a great job of making Spidey the acrobatic and craft and intelligent fighter that he is. I know that everybody says this, but this game makes me FEEL like Spider-Man! I can’t wait to play this game some more and to pick up a PS5 for Miles Morales!

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