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Things I Want To See In The Future (Miles Morales And Beyond)

For Miles Morales PS5, I'm really shocked that people had to have confirmation from Insomniac Games just to know that Peter Parker wasn't going anywhere. So for this expandalone, as they call it, if Peters still in the city, then as Miles, I want to run into him while he does his own thing.

Wouldn't it be awesome if Miles had challenges with Peter such as a webswinging race across the city, through which he can earn tokens and whatnot? Basically, if Insomniac is willing to put Pete in the game, then there should be different Mentor challenges for Miles which he can train under Peter, such as the aforementioned Webswinging Race challenge, or a combat challenge, or a "Web up Different Objects in time across the city" challenge. Basically, Mile's version of the Taskmaster Challenge, except Pete is Taskmaster, and there are no bombs for him to defuse xD

If Peter's not in the game, then Insomniac can explain that he's on a research trip to England or something, if not, and if he's still in the city, but they don't show him once in the game, then that would feel like a copout.

Also, I want Peter to continually phone Miles as the story progresses or he comes across different stuff in the game, giving him advice about his experiences. I want old villains, one or two at least, to appear in the game, who didn't appear in Spider-Man Ps4, but someone who Peter has at least faced; like the Lizard or Chameleon, and I want Peter to phone Miles as the player swings through the city, and give him information about what he's facing and whatnot.

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Also also. This game takes place 1 year after SM PS4. And set mainly in Harlem. At this point, I feel like they have to AT LEAST let another superhero cameo in the game. Who better than the famed Harlem hero, Luke Cage! Wouldn't it be sick if there was a mission in the game where Luke and Miles meet each other up to take down a common foe and then he shows up at the end as an ally against the final boss? That would be pretty sick. Anyhow, I just hope that there are more references to other heroes, since SM PS4 confirmed the Avengers were at the West Coast at the time, and an entire year has gone by.

Another thing that Insomniac has practically confirmed is that Miles will have a different playstyle than Peter, what with his venom strike and invisibility abilities and all. So after Miles Morales standalone game, in the next Spider-Man game, I hope we have a GTA 5 like system, where we can switch between characters, ie: Peter and Miles, and they all have different playsets that players can enjoy.

Also, some other smaller things. Since the game's moving onto a new platform, and they're going to take advantage of the upgraded specs, I really want to see better NPC models. It felt odd and weird to see so many people with beanies at the same time xD Since the system has upgraded, I'm sure Insomniac will create a variety of NPC's, more diverse, including kids, babies on strollers and whatnot. I spent an hour searching for kids or old people in the game before realizing how dumb I was being xD

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And since Miles got a redesign that differs quite a bit from his Ps4 counterpart, I hope Peter and especially, MJ get slight redesigns too. I hope I don't seem shallow from this, but I hope MJ's design is changed up a bit. I've seen her concept art, and they wildly differ from what the actual game offers. In this case, the concept art actually looked better than her in-game model, so I hope they change her look up a bit without being too jarring… ok, I'll be honest, I wish she was a smudge bit more attractive. Again, sorry for this one, but yeah xD

Also, since Gwen Stacy doesn't yet exist in the universe, I'm pretty sure they're going to change up her character a lot and introduce her later as the new Spider-Woman, so I hope she has her own expandalone game in the future as Miles does.

So yeah! These are some of the things I wish we can see in the future, and I wanted to share it with you guys to know your thoughts. I love the game, and basically bought a Ps4 just for this alone xD so hope to join in this wonderful community!


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