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Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is lacking, and it isn’t his fault

Andrew Garfield is goated, minus the skateboarding and underground subway parent storyline (has nothing to do with his portrayal but it was by far the worst idea that’s come out of that franchise imo). I can’t put my thoughts into the best words but Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is the most “bro” Spider-Man of the bunch. I know Peter wasn’t a loser in the comics but there’s too many missing pieces to Holland’s Spider-Man (not his fault at all). I know Uncle Ben’s death has been played out “SO many times” and I guess this is a matter of opinion but that’s the thing that DEFINES Spider-Man to me. It was touched on in Civil War and never again. People applaud this take on Spider-Man for being different, but the differences I see are all the wrong ones. He doesn’t really make sarcastic, under the breath and witty remarks that I’m used to with Spider-Man (more just says things like “awesome!”) and I don’t feel the guilt and sense of responsibility coming from this kid who has to carry so much weight on his shoulders. Little scenes like him and Ned in his room talking about why Aunt May can’t find out his secret don’t get enough of the exposition they deserve to make the character shine. The overuse of Stark technology his character uses doesn’t really make much sense to me considering his character has powers to begin with. It worked so well with Tony because that’s his entire shtick, he’s a powerless guy who creates inventions and solutions for everything to accommodate for that. Peter is supposed to be a genius don’t get me wrong, but that should be shown in different ways (some of which MCU Spider-Man does a great job with, like the spider trackers, the shooters being his creation, etc). But Spider-Man needing a parachute and gliders? Wouldn’t it be great to see him improvising on the spot after falling from huge heights using his webs? Back to the uncle Ben thing, what comes to mind is Batman. We have Keaton, Bale, Affleck and all the other Batmans in between. Robert Pattinson’s Batman is presumably skipping the origin story, but I think it’s clear that his character’s psyche will be a huge part of the movie, and dealing with the traumatic event that is his parents death DEFINES his character and is the driving force behind what he goes out to do every night. I think uncle Ben is equally as essential to Peter in that regard. Fine, don’t show his death another time, but let it be known that it happened through Peter’s choices and actions. I love all Toby, Andrew and Tom’s portrayals and I think my issues with each character is all in regards to the director and writer’s choices. Tom can be an amazing Spider-Man, he’s a great actor who’s doing the best with what he’s being given, but what he’s being given is not the best. Far From Home did not at all feel like a Spider-Man movie to me, but was saved by great performances from Holland and Gyllenhaal. Don’t know how much of it is chalked up to Watts or the writers and producers of the whole thing, but I think they’ve taken a giant shit on the Spider-Man franchise in an effort to be different. A Spider-Man movie where he globe-trots Europe with his friends. How about a movie where he can’t afford to make the school trip and is the only one not on vacation, stuck in New York having to get a summer job at the Daily Bugle where he can meet new coworkers and characters while his peers are all away enjoying their breaks. Not to mention the MJ character. I’m completely fine with Michelle being the new love interest but it’s simply NOT MJ. MJ could have been used as the yin to Peter’s yang, a super social and magnetic character that shines where Peter does not which makes for an interesting pair. Don’t just slap the MJ title onto a character that really shares no characterization with the one from the comics. Also I hate the suit with the white spider on the back. Sorry for the long post.

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