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Unpopular Opinion: I Like The 2017 Cartoon (A Lot).

I return to this subreddit with an(other) unpopular opinion, given the response I've seen on here. This time, it's about the most recent Spider-Man animated series, "Marvel's Spider-Man." I binged the whole show over the course of a few days last week, and I gotta say, I really don't get what y'all dislike about it? It's a perfectly enjoyable show. Hell, it's in my top three Spider-Man cartoons. For the record, it's below both "Spider-Man: The Animated Series" and "The Spectacular Spider-Man," with Spectacular being my favorite, and the '94 cartoon being more because of nostalgia.

I enjoyed MSM's take on things, because it felt like it was actually trying to tell a story, unlike the show that preceded it. Ultimate Spider-Man was a show that felt like it was trying to peddle merchandise for the bulk of it's run, and it was trying too hard to be funny. Hell, I'm gonna be honest, I don't even like the art direction of Ultimate for the most part. By contrast, while I can see issues one might have with the animation/art direction of MSM, I really don't get the hate. A lot of people had to move past some of the artistic choices made in Spectacular, and now that show is considered the gold standard.

Marvel's Spider-Man, as far as I'm concerned, has tighter writing than even the 94 cartoon (in terms of dialogue anyway), and has a solid cast backing it up. I like the new twists on some of the classic villains (I particularly adore the show's take on my favorite villain, Electro), and I like the character design (despite the simplified shading and stuff for the sake of the budget). I like the focus on the science stuff, because it does a number of things that I feel like other non-comic Spider-Man media doesn't do enough:

  • It makes Peter actually smart, and shows off his ability to make gadgets to help, unlike, say, MCU Spider-Man

  • Harry being into science too makes sense to me, due to him being the heir to a company that deals in science stuff

  • It shows Gwen being into science (because according to the comics, she's supposed to be into science)

  • The show actually uses Anya, which non-comics media doesn't do outside of like, a mobile game or a Lego set

  • It does Superior Spider-Man without the squicky, "rape-y" aspects of Otto and Anna Maria's relationship being involved

  • It actually uses the symbiotes in a creative way, rather than just doing "Black Suit and Venom" for the umpteenth time

  • It incorporates non-Spider-Man Marvel characters (The Avengers, Ms. Marvel, Ironheart, Moon Knight, etc.) in a way that doesn't feel like a lame "Spider-Man and the Avengers Trainees" kinda thing (i.e. what I feel Ultimate did)

  • I'm a big sucker for Spider-Island, so seeing it made me hype as hell

  • I like that they actually get to use characters like Regent, The Jackal, and Swarm (hell, the twist with Swarm's identity legit made me be like "yoooo what!?" in the best way)

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Honestly, I could go on. I enjoyed watching it despite some of it's shortcomings (it has them, as all things do). The only thing that bugs me about it is the name of the show being the same as the Insomniac PS4 game, making it a pain to look up.

Hell, the show's approach for Mary Jane had me actually kind of excited, despite how limited she is in terms of actual appearances. Her not being into science, and being more into sports and stuff as a way to give her a unique vibe. It was cute to see her and Peter interact, and I normally don't go for PeterMJ stuff. I want a Season 4 so I can see where they take that relationship, among other things of course.

All I tend to see is people shitting on the animation or whatever, and putting the show down as "boring." I don't get it? Marvel's Spider-Man is probably the most fun I've had watching a Spider-Man thing since Spectacular. That includes watching Homecoming (a movie I do like, despite it's flaws). Do people just watch like, a couple of episodes, not make it past the "3 Episode Rule" and drop it? I imagine I might get some kind of response like "Peter's life isn't hard enough due to his double life" or whatever, and I personally find that mentality kinda dull.

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Anyway, yeah. I'd be interested in hearing what people think about the show outside of the basic "it's boring/it sucks" or "it's animation is bad" stuff. I await all of the downvotes for liking "bad" Spider-Man media.


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