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Where could I find Miles’ ITSV jacket/sneakers?

So to give a bit of context:

When I first watched the fucking masterpiece of a film “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”, I was, well, amazed (pun definitely intended). The visuals, the writing, the characters, it was an all-around blast of an experience to watch. It easily became one of my favourite movies ever. Then came around a time where we had a free trial of Netflix (again, since the free trials here take a minimum of two years to happen again so if you had a free trial on 2019, you’ll have one again this year, or at least that’s the case in our country) since we can’t pay for it constantly here in the Philippines which is a third-world-country, so we can only rely on free trials of these services to get their shit. Anyway, when scrolling around, I found the film again, re-watched it, got blew away again, but this time, I got interested in other things. I noticed Miles’ hoodie-jacket and sneakers. And so this 13-year old kid’s years-long quest to find these merchendise.

Now, I know for a damn fact that these exist. I mean, when I re-watched the film a third time, now actually owning a digital copy of the film, I realized that there actually was so many fucking easter eggs in the film that just couldn’t be noticed when watching even on Netflix, let alone the cinema. So I went to the IMDb page of the film, and went to the “easter eggs” part of the page or whatever it was called (i forgot now since it was last december that i visited that page), and scrolling down, reading most of the entries (i just skimmed through some since there were like actually, literally a thousand entries, some just repeating/redundant), I found put that Miles’ sneakers, a pair of Air Jordans, were actually made and actually exist as the Air Jordans 1 Origin Story with multiple sizes made for everyone in the family. Now, I don’t exactly know what Miles’ iconic jacket is (probably on the IMDb page but probably one pf the ones I skimmed through too lol sorry), but I have seen others wearing it (some for cosplay, some actually, normally wearing it (perhaps) without context from the film or the character(s)’ wardrobes.

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Now, what I want to know is where could I can get these, preferably (and probably the only option right now lmao) online. Keep in mind that I’m from the Philippines (which, as i said is a third-world country) and shit like these here are very hard to come by in my country. And now that the pandemic is ongoing, I’m not so sure if I can find these, if any at all. Now, if you don’t want to do research on my country’s online platforms to buy these, here are the two most prominent online shopping is Shoppee, the local one (filipino-made/operated), and Lazada, the international one (mostly just in SEA like my country, Singapore and Vietnam. These places are center of my search (after google of course), so when I have the chance, I always try and look these two up on these platforms. But as evidenced by this fucking post, my quest to try and find Miles’ legendary attire is still ongoing.

Now, I searched for the online (excluding the platforms) many, many times since mid-2019 when I re-watched the film and from then until now, I still fucking struggle to find any locally. Heck, I actually looked up for the sneakers once again earlier before writing this post, but the location that the Nike site automatically locates to is the UK, and when I switched the location to my country, the product does not show up. This is the struggle I have been facing for the past couple of years: not finding the products locally. And, as I said, even when searching on the online platforms, I still have a really hard time finding them. So, if any of you have a VPN, please search for them. As much as possible, I want it to be official, just like everybody. So please, help your fellow webhead. I just really want those. I am open for suggestions, comments, and I’m even prepared to get DM’s from complete and total random strangers from the world-wide-web. Also, please help me to detect and avoid scams and all that bullshit, too. I really need help now so please give me a helping hand.

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(also if you still havent watched itsv then what the fuck are you doing with your incomplete motherfucking life dude watch it right now and be contented by a great amazing movie and have a huge void in your life filled)


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