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Why I feel we don’t need a Spider-Man 4

Content of the article: "Why I feel we don’t need a Spider-Man 4"

I like the Raimi Trilogy alot, I adore Spider-Man 1, I love Spider-Man 2 despite some qualms I have with it and I enjoy Spider-Man 3 but, I personally feel we don't need Spider-Man 4. One of the reasons why I like the Raimi Trilogy is they are a product of there time, whenever I watch Spider-Man 1, I can tell its from the early 2000s, especially the scene where the New Yorkers come togethe similar to 9/11. I don't think Spider-Man 4 can recapture that timeless feel of the trilogy, superhero movies have evolved since then and audiences now demand more then they do before. The Raimi Trilogy benefited alot by being made in a time where audience expectations for superheor movie's were low and the recent events in New York.

Another thing, the story I feel Peter's story is complete in Spider-Man 3, he had his rise,fall and redemption, he's finally overcame his guilt and was able to forgive Flint. I see no point of making him go through the same thing but with new foes, it feels redundant. Spider-Man 3 imo didn't leave that many loose threads for a 4th movie to pick up on. It wrapped up the arc of three primary characters Peter, MJ and Harry. Whenever I watch the ending of SM3 and see MJ and Peter dance I get the vibe that "we have alot of things to work out but we will always love each other and stay by each other's side forever". I kinda don't want to see this relationship fall apart again or them seperate again, I know this happens alot in the comics but Peter and MJ are literally soul mates, they compliment each other perfectly.

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Lastly for real this time, I feel fans will be the film one way or another. This isn't aimed at the Spider-Man fanbase, but when you wait for something a really long time you start building expectations for it, and those expectations reach crazy heights and when that product doesn't fufill your expectations or exceed them by a crazy margin you will be disappointed. I don't want this to happen again for a Spider-Man movie, this fanbase in particular is already fragile and Raimi Spidey is incredibly loved, the last thing we need is another Spidey civil wa, but hey if this movie ever releases and its great I will be happy to say I'm wrong but rn SM3 feels like the definitive ending.


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