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Wishing to bring The Spectacular Spider-Man to Disney+

11 years ago today the season 2 finale for The Spectacular Spider-Man aired. I won't spend too much time waxing poetically on about what makes the series great (there's enough of that out there if you look) but let's just say despite it's premature cancellation (due to licensing and ownership issues) it's still often praised as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, animated series based on the web slinger.

But currently this show is not available for streaming anywhere so that people who are part of subscription services can't see for themselves why it's such a great series or fans who don't outright own it via other methods can't reexperience it. It was previously on Crackle but that changed earlier this year as it was taken off the service so now it's a show that needs a streaming home.

But now there's a potentially perfect place for The Spectacular Spider-Man in Disney+. Considering that Sony isn't actively doing anything with The Spectacular Spider-Man series and that both companies involved are definitely on speaking terms (as the relatively recent deals to keep Spidey in the MCU have shown) it's not unfeasible they can at bare minimum bring the show to Disney+ so that more people can discover or re-experience this series.

In the past u/PlasticPeopleProduct posted a neat mockup to make us imagine what could be.

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What can we do?

So while the chances may not be high I do propose we try to at least request for The Spectacular Spider-Man to appear on Disney's streaming service. While it's uncertain how much Disney pays attention to it, one proposal I have is that Disney+ does have a "Request a film or show" feature. I ask that if you are a fan of Spectacular Spider-Man, curious about the show or just simply a Spider-Man fan in general that you make a request.

To do follow these steps:

  1. On your Disney Plus account highlight your account name on the top right corner and click "Help."
  2. This will bring you to the Help Center page and you'll see an option to "Give Feedback"
  3. Finally you'll see a drop down menu. From there choose "Request a film or show" and you can suggest titles. Of course enter "The Spectacular Spider-Man"

What about a Season 3 for TSSM?

The purpose of this post is at least get enough attention for the series so that Sony and Disney would at bring what's already created to Disney+, but of course a lot of fans are pining for more. Alas that is a more difficult obstacle to overcome.

Due to licensing issues the short of it is that Sony owns the rights to The Spectacular Spider-Man and Marvel/Disney owns the rights to short-form television so it left the series in a limbo where neither company can continue without an agreement with the other. That makes a revival more difficult than other series that have seen revivals to conclude them in the past like Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Samurai Jack and Young Justice. However those same examples also show that it's not impossible for revivals to happen if the fan demand is there.

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The restructuring of Marvel Television (which includes Marvel Animation) to be integrated into Marvel Studios also opens up new possibilities for the parties to sway from their prior course, especially with the current Marvel's Spider-Man show (a far inferior product to both The Spectacular Spider-Man and the 90s Spider-Man: The Animated Series) likely ending after this season. While it's unknown what route Marvel Animation may take in the future, at the very least there's an opening no matter how narrow it may be.

Whether it be through a fan petition, tweeting #savetssm at former showrunners Greg Weisman and Victor Cook as well as (perhaps more importantly) Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige (last year's restructuring means Marvel Animation is also under him now), and whatever else to promote the word on this… spectacular and amazing show. While these moves may not have an impact every little bit helps and on occasion enough attention does help further spread the word such as when Screen Rant wrote an article this year that referenced the petition.

But like I said, this post is meant to try to draw attention to the series so that at the very least Disney+ subscribers will have a great Spider-Man series to experience. May at least that much can happen.

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