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3.11.0 and 3.12.0 Progress Watch – Update 2020-09-18

Content of the article: "3.11.0 and 3.12.0 Progress Watch – Update 2020-09-18"

Good Morning Citizens, this is Progress Watch !

3.11 continues to be finalized and has begun being tested by Evocatis. A feature has also been moved away, but a two new ones have been added. Let's see what's up !

3.11.0 Progress Watch – End of Q3 2020

We start as usual with Locations, where the Space Station Cargo Deck continues to move forward with +1% this week. We also have polishing status for two of the features related to planets : Updated Ground Textures and Updated Geology.

Next, we would normally move to AI, but its last remaining feature, Ship AI Hazard Awareness and Avoidance, has been moved to 3.12. CIG indicates that it isn't needed until the new feature coming in 3.12 gets released, so it's been pushed back there.

We then move on to Gameplay. Here we also have a new feature, that has been quite talked about on Spectrum and Reddit : Relaxation of Armistice Restrictions. You can read all the details about it in the Spectrum Posts here and there.

And we also have regular progress in this category, with +1% for Force Reactions, and +5% for Improved Throw.

Ships are next, and we also have some regular progress here. The Mercury Star Runner moves forward by +1%, while the 100 series and its variants gain +3% each.

3.12.0 Progress Watch – End of Q4 2020

For 3.12, we start with Locations and a new feature : Stanton System Spacescaping ! This one finally brings Space Gas Clouds to the game, which will be used to improve the visual around the system. I'm very eager to see that in person, after it being teased so much on



And we will conclude our tour with Gameplay, where this week we have a sub 1% improvement on Station Based Refining, as well as a nice +17% on Object Push & Pull.

We're done ! That's all we have for today ! But work continues, with the Evocatis hammering hard at the builds thrown by CIG to make them playable for everyone. PTU Wave 1 should come next, maybe at the end of next week or a bit later. We'll see when we get there !

Until then, I'll see you next week !

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