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3.11 Miners’ patch notes (Summary) Data-Mining

Hello citizens!

I'm the developer of SC Trade Tools, where you can find the best places to mine in Star Citizen. Since the data for the website is extracted from the game's files directly, I can keep SC Trade Tools up-to-date automatically. In addition, I can also give you the Miners' patch notes: all the mining-related changes in this version! *As I'm doing this report by hand, something may slip, but fear not: it's all tool-automated on SC Trade Tools!

The Nerf

The Greycat ROC nerf. You knew it was coming, but just how bad is it? Well, let's see:

  • Reduced Hadanite deposits by at least 34%
    • Some locations have had their Hadanite deposits reduced by 94%
  • Added Dolivine to all locations = no more Hadanite-only mining locations


The composition of the various deposits stayed the same across the board.


These locations have seen a change in the distribution and clustering of rocks.

ShipAll locationsNo changes
FPSAll locationsMassively increased the amount of hand-minables (sometimes by as much as 32X!). There should now be more hand-minables than ROC-minables.
Greycat ROCAll locationsSeverely reduced the amount of Hadanite. Added Dolivine where it wasn't present.
Greycat ROCAberdeen, Arial, Daymar, Ita, MagdaStill has non-negligible amounts of Hadanite (but not nearly as much as before).

Ore Value Index (OVI)

The Ore Value Index (OVI) takes into account a number of things: individual ore value, deposit purity, geographical abundance of deposits and size of deposit clusters. Think of it as the total value of a volume of space if it were to be strip mined. While this does mean that somewhere with rare but valuable ores could have the same OVI as somewhere littered with medium-value ores, you can look at the OVI breakdown (by deposit and ore) and use the filters to refine the results.

* The different categories cannot be compared to each other: FPS OVIs don't make sense for ship mining and vice versa.

  • FPS
    • Previous best: 391,172
    • Current best: 2,558,573
  • Greycat ROC
    • Previous best: 3,059,531
    • Current best: 1,274,138
  • Ship
    • Previous best: 12,967
    • Current best: 12,967

If you're wondering how this will affect your bottom line, I invite you to check SC Trade Tools, which has been updated with all this data!

If you wish to support the project, you can do so here and here!


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