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3.12 Miners’ patch notes (Summary) [Data-Mining]

Hello citizens!

I'm the developer of SC Trade Tools, where you can find the best places to mine in Star Citizen. Since the data for the website is extracted from the game's files directly, I can keep SC Trade Tools up-to-date automatically. In addition, I can also give you the Miners' patch notes: all the mining-related changes in this version!

*As I'm doing this report by hand, something may slip, but fear not: it's all tool-automated on SC Trade Tools!

*Special thanks to* ChiefHeisca who helped me survey the new Lagrange asteroid fields!

Here's the TLDR for this patch:

  • Refineries are a thing: see them all here
  • Ore value has been cut in half
  • Refineries can double ores' value
  • New asteroid types: C & S
  • All deposit composition values have been tweaked a bit
  • Some asteroid clouds are now quite worthwhile!


The composition of these deposits changed across the board.

Deposit Note
Asteroid (C-Type) BRAND NEW! Contains Aluminium, Laranite and Quantainium!
Asteroid (S-Type) BRAND NEW! Contains Copper and Titanium
Asteroid (Q-Type) Almost double Quantainium (on average)
Asteroid (E-Type) No more Copper, now has Diamond
Asteroid (M-Type) Now only has Hephaestanite, Laranite and Tungsten
Felsic Deposit ~50% more Bexalite
Obsidian Deposit 3X Bexalite, some more Hephaestanite
Quantainium Deposit More than twice the Quantainium (on average)
Everything else Minor tweaks across the board
Read more:  3.13.0 to 3.16.0 and Teams Progress Watch - Update 2021-03-24


These locations have seen a change in the distribution and clustering of rocks.

Type Location Note
Ship Lagrange points Now have minable asteroids. Of note: HUR L3, ARC L3 & CRU L3 have Quantainium.

If you're wondering how this will affect your bottom line, I invite you to check SC Trade Tools, which has been updated with all this data!

If you wish to support the project, you can do so here and here!


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