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3.15.0 to 3.18 and Teams Progress Watch – Update 2021-10-06 (CitizenCon Edition)

Greetings Citizens, it's time for Progress Watch !

Today is probably the most important day in the last two years for Star Citizen, with the VERY expected CitizenCon. And what better to accompany it than a Progress Watch with the newly updated Roadmap, that has pushed the event horizon to the end of the year. This has given us a lot of new content, with over 70 new features between all the teams (some are shared between teams). So let's check it all out !

3.15.0 – End of Q3 2021

3.15.0 has been with Evocatis for a good time now, and I suspect CIG is waiting for CitizenCon to open it to a wider audience. Meanwhile on the roadmap side, we have three committed items : the Hercules A2, the Multi-Tool Medical Attachement, and the Medical Tool. We're now down to 8 features still Tentative : the GrimHex Clinic, Shops & Patrons AI, the Aegis Redeemer and both Crusader Ares variants, and the new Behring S7 weapons.

3.16.0 – End of Q4 2021

3.17.0 – End of Q1 2022

3.18.0 – End of Q2 2022

We don't have any notable changes in the futures patches this week.

Teams Progress Watch

And now for the Teams Progress Watch, with the pushed event horizon. A lot of the features that were marked in a "yellow" state have been cleared up to either actually completed, or back in progress. Plus we have a lot of new stuff to check out.

We start with the Actor Feature Team, which is going to work on the Cargo System Refactor, and is doing additional work on Healing T0 and the Personal Inventory.

Next is the AI Tech & Feature Team, and a good bunch of new features : AI Landing Improvements, to allow the AI to land in the wild, AI Elevators / Transit, so they can use elevators and trains, Civilian NPC Movements Improvements, and they'll also assist on Server Meshing.

Audio is receiving a LOT of new tasks due to the push of the event horizon, but none of them are brand new. We have 14 new tasks, including 4 unannounced, so I invite you to check the spreadsheet for the full list.

We continue with Character Art & Tech Team. A lot of new outfits have been added : Area 18, Levski, Lorville and Outlaw Hospital Staff, as well as the XenoThreat Armor. Plus we have DNA Head Textures Updates, the Greycat Industrial Salvage Backpack, some assist on the Infiltrate / Defend Mission and the Rescue / Transport Mission.

The Cinematics Team has closed a few chapters, we chapter 14, 18, 25 and 26 being completed. We're now at 6 chapters with cinematics finished, with 14 remaining.

Facial Animation is next with three new features : they're going to assist on Squadron 42's chapters 01 and 23, as well as the Rescue / Transport Mission.

The Firesprite Team has completed work on the new UI Scoreboard for Arena Commander, which has been converted to Building Blocks and should give much more information.

Gameplay Story, strangely, has reached its own Event Horizon today, or so it seems. There's a new task for Misc Support, but all the chapters have been completed at the same time, so… let's wait a few weeks before calling it real.

Meanwhile, the Graphics Team has two new tasks under its belt : the Fire Hazard is getting its real graphics (and it's already done), and Salvage T0 is also on its way.

Next we have the Lighting Team. They've received four new tasks, two for the Pyro System (space stations and spacescaping), and they're also going to work on the Derelict Spaceships and the Reststop Hangar Replacements.

Motion Capture has also reached its event horizon, so no more information on that part for now.

Narrative, as well as the Props Team, just like Audio, has received a bunch of new tasks that aren't exclusive to them, so check the spreadsheet for more details.

We have more SQ42 next, and we start with Art. They've completed the Aegis Idris, Chapter 01, and Gainey (Odin's Moon). For the Feature Team, they're starting to work on the Character Creator. The FPS Team has completed four chapters : 12, 19, 20 and 25. The Flight Team has reopened the work on two chapters (07 and 11), but has completed 5 in the meanwhile (14, 17, 18, 24 and 27). Finally for Squadron, the Social Team has swapped four chapters : 04, 05, 06 and 10 are reopened while 08, 12, 20 and 23 are marked as completed. Still, that's a lot of Squadron Progress, so it seems things are finally starting to get closed out.

Let's continue with UI. We start with the Feature Team, which has started working on the Redeemer as well as Salvage T0, and they'll be accompanied by the Tech Team for working on Server Meshing.

VFX is another team which has received a good bunch of new tasks. We have the Area 18 Hospital, the Crusader Ares variants, Rivers and Basins, updates to Arena Commander, and four Unannounced features.

Finally we finish with the Weapon Content Team, which has completed the Laser Trip Mine and the Mining Gadgets.

And we're done for today ! I will now sit back and enjoy CitizenCon, and I'm sure we'll learn a lot and be able to reveal some of the Unannounced stuff we currently have in the roadmap. So expect the next update to have a lot of interesting information !

I'll see you in two weeks !

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