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30 people from 30 planets tell us how to fit in with the locals

(Inspired by the Culturally Speaking YouTube series)

Earth (Sol): "Follow politics closely. Make posts online about how insane those Terrans are, and how your planet is so much better because it was the birthplace of humanity."

Terra: "Fly an Origin. Have a deep appreciation for the finer things in life, especially nature & art in all of its forms."

Hurston (Stanton): "Invest in a good helmet for the sake of your lungs. And while you're at it, you may as well buy some top-grade rifles & carry them with pride, even if you can't actually fire them inside Lorville's armistice zone."

ArcCorp (Stanton): "Do not question the will of the execs."

microTech (Stanton): "Try to stay on top of all the new releases of the software companies. And don't go outside without a well-insulated undersuit. Seriously, it's colder out there than you think…"

Crusader (Stanton): "When contractor jobs with Crusader Security or Covalex open up, take advantage. And talk about how you dream of one day being able to afford your very own Mercury Star Runner."

Delamar (Nyx): "Prove to us that you're not an undercover agent of the UEE Navy, and that you hate the Empire as much as we do."

Aremis & Selene (Vega): "Support our troops!"

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Rytif (Bremen): "Fly a Mustang."

Cassel (Goss): "Don't do all the obvious touristy stuff. And whatever you do, don't call it 'castle'!"

Cascom (Castra), Mars (Sol): "Just…be yourself!"

Borea (Magnus): "Revel in your independent spirit, but beware of the criminals…"

Angeli (Croshaw): "Invite your friends out to a whiskey tasting session. Eat stew for dinner at least a couple times a week."

Vann (Croshaw): "Even if you're not that good at drawing or painting, consider taking it up as a hobby."

Reisse (Rhetor): "Be cool, get some E'Tam for those all-nighters, and live that college life to the max!!!"

Mentor (Rhetor): "Don't be too loud in your apartment or dorm; respect everyone else's need for quiet study time. Oh, and complain about the cold a lot."

Ergo (Nemo): "Tell everybody you know who doesn't live here about the Space Whale & how incredible it is & how they need to come check it out."

Saisei (Centauri): "Be a tree-hugger and watch modern anime."

Cestulus (Davien): "Work hard, play hard."

Asura (Ferron): "Make plans to take your mining business elsewhere. The party's over."

Lorona (Banshee): "Find out which of us are the more prominent interstellar traders, and which of us are the lone wolves, and interact accordingly."

Kampos (Ellis): "Pick your favorite Murray Cup racer to cheer for, and then when race day finally comes, make sure you get your premium discount for a Top Box seat over on Green!"

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Severus (Kiel): "Don't be too pretentious, just be, you know, your ordinary Average Joe, be chill…"

Lo (Corel): "Study up on Banu customs, and always comply with orders from customs officers."

Tangaroa (Helios): "Stick to the underwater arcologies unless you're a death defying thrill seeker or have a Masters in geology."

Tohil III: "Pick an island to build your Homestead or research facility on, and then…just relax, have some fun touring the historical smuggling routes, take in the history & beauty of this one-of-a-kind planet."

Corilla (Xi, Rihlah): "Even though they may have a reputation for being cold & dispassionate, don't be shy about getting to know some of the Xi'an. The ones that live here are much less isolationist than most."

Serling (Horus): "To put it bluntly, if you weren't born & raised here, don't even try to fit in. We've all grown used to living on this type of planet over many decades and we can spot a transplant struggling to adapt from a light-year away."


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