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Aaron’s Halo – “New” Miner’s Paradise?

TL;DR Asteroid mining is legit. Get there and make it happen.

Quickest route to Aaron's Halo (aka Aaron's Belt)

I almost walked away from 3.11 patch. My fault, but I was done because the ROC, my happy place since it was introduced and sold to us by RSI, was now FUBAR with 3.11.

Before closing shop (until 3.11.x or 3.12), I made a small trade run in my Freelancer MAX. During that I saw someone mention mining asteroids in "Aaron's Belt". Asteroids? Weren't they broken? No?

Jumping in my Prospector, I was determined to test the claim. Dropping out QT into the Aaron's Halo, the asteroids filed my screen like a miner's "Field of Dreams" A quick scan soon located a number of large asteroids that were just icons. I couldn't scan them. Crap, I got played.

But I didn't give up. I kept moving on and soon, voilà!!! the ping began to fill up with asteroids that I could scan. I think I discovered the miner's paradise for the Stanton system. Mineable Ore Galore!!

How to get to Aaron's Halo and maximize ROT

  1. Jumping into this huge asteroid belt that circumvents all of Stanton is a matter of timing. The EASIEST way (imo) is to start from Delamar. The Belt is only 55k from this dead planet. ARC-L3 is your target. Start your QT Jump and count to 10. Your goal is 60k to 130K into the trip. At this point kill your jump. I use "U" just to be sure (sometimes hitting "B" doesn't get the process done fast enough for me).
  2. Keep your QT route to ARC-L3 in the nav computer. This will now give you two points of reference for navigation. The Sun and ARC-L3. You will get lost fast and spend time rescanning areas you have already been if you don't keep your bearings in the void.
  3. Change your Ping pattern to only the Front of your ship instead of 360 ping. This is one click from 360 and will save you a lot of time chasing your tail.
  4. Ping Power Matters If you are not careful you will think that the Ore is just jumping all over the place. What is happening is that the results depend upon the power of the ping. If you are hitting it at 75% to 100%, you will miss the asteroids that are 3k, 6k or 8k from you and only see the results from asteroids that are 10 to 13k away. The ore didn't move, the power of the ping has given you varying results that can be confusing. Once you do a 100% ping and get a hit, begin backing down on the power, otherwise you will miss a lot of ore that are near each other, they will hide in the ping results.
  5. Quantainium – only mine one or two asteroids of Quantainium at a time. As soon as you break the rock down to harvestable level (purple) it begins to deteriorate and will vanish on you. One time I had three SWEET Q rocks and I was breaking them down, I was RICH, I was spending all that aUEC BUT when I went back and began to start to collect 100% quantainium ore, it was all gone. Mind you that I was within 100 meters of these three asteroids the whole time. The ore on the first just vanished. Plus what I harvested began to alarm much sooner too. That run I earn 213 aUEC and a LOT of experience.
  6. Other tips and tricks:
    A. Set your cruise to a little less than optimal, you want to be able to respond to your environment and ping results quickly, operating in the Red only promises less results and greater odds for a respawn back in the bed.
    B. Keep aware of your directions or you will be chasing your tail and rescanning areas you have already been. This 3D world doesn't play nice with 2D thinking.
    C. Look for Quan above 5, 8 or more percentage. Don't waste time on any thing lower unless you are satisfied with quick runs but low returns.
    D. Ignore Barase ore, unless you want a quick trip with lots of trash in your haul. This stuff breaks down horribly regardless of value or percentage.
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AND there you have it. No more blowing your Mole up because of overheating the thrusters. (I also think the unscannable Asteroid Ore for the Prospector is ore just for the Mole, but I'm speculating.)This has been my new gig for earning coin in the 'verse. I've been hitting 120K to 220K runs in my Prospector. Sometimes I hit a great rock right off the bat, other times the dice gods don't like me. It's all random (LOL, yeah, right, it hates me) and no one can say "I earn 1.3 million aUEC eery 30 seconds in this game" crap.

If you mine and have a Prospector or a MOLE, give it a try and let me know your thoughts, results and suggestions for making this a Miner's Paradise!


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