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All 3.11 PTU Feedback posts in one place

Content of the article: "All 3.11 PTU Feedback posts in one place"

Reworked Game Frontend


We have reworked the frontend including new backgrounds, new flow for getting into the universe/hangars, and just generally a new look. This update converts most of the frontend to our new building blocks system.

We would like to know what you think! Are there any flow issues? Any quality of life problems? Let us know below!



Armistice Zone Removal


We have removed part of the armistice zone outside of rest stop stations, excluding Port Olisar, and increased the security presence. From the patch notes:

The initial introduction of the relaxation of Green Zones will be removing the armistice zone around the exterior of Rest Stops and LEO Space Stations (Currently not in for Port Olisar). This update will allow players to fire ship weapons around Rest Stop exteriors (FPS weapons will still be locked) and comes with many updates to the law system and station defenses to help accommodate this.

Defenses of a few sizes and varieties have been added on and around the rest stops. These range from the small S4 turrets (now destructible) placed on landing pads, through S6 sentries seen in the Claim Jumpers missions, to ALL new S10 turrets on and around the perimeter of the stations. We have created a Security Response system which while still quite simplistic, adds the CrimeStats of all players in the area (we’re calling this internally the “heat”) and spawns security ships of increasing number and strength in response. The system responds quickly to increases in an area’s heat by spawning in new ships and despawning out any weaker ships they replace. The system responds slower to the killing of its own members (should the heat not be raised by this) and slower still to decreases in heat (to keep security patrolling for a time to ensure the threat doesn't return any time soon). We will develop this system further in the future to also take into account the type of ship the players are using. A new infraction has been created called the Armistice Violation. This is a felony and is given should players damage other ships or station defenses within the Armistice Zone. It does have a grace period and allowance in which the player is warned that further infractions will result in a felony. For it the first implementation, this new infraction will only remain active on the player’s criminal record of 1 day. Should the player enter the Armistice zone while having a CrimeStat or gain a CrimeStat whilst within the zone, they will be shown a warning telling them to leave immediately.

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Please give this new setup a try and look for any blind spots for turrets or anything that isn't functioning as described above. For bugs, please use the issue council. Please leave any feedback on this first experiment in removing armistice below!



Cargo Deck and Station Rework


Rest stops now have dedicated cargo decks, which are accessible via the elevator transit system. These spaces contain commodity trading terminals, ship rental stands, and some personal item shops selling related goods. In addition, the general layout of rest stops have been adjusted to make traversal easier.

Give these new and updated spaces a walk around and let us know your thoughts below!



Inventory Management


We have done an extensive update to how personal inventory works, inventory management, and its interaction with external inventory (in this case, the ROC). From the notes:

Visually manage food, drink, mined rocks and harvested items stored in your personal inventory, moving them between your backpack and suit pockets and any external storage devices (such as the cargo access on certain vehicles). This adds context menus to items by using right click that will allow players to drop and split stacks of items. Players can now interact with the back cargo hold of the Greycat ROC to access its storage and transfer gems between it and the player's inventory.

Give it a thorough test and let us know what you think below.



Updated Throw


We have updated throw as follows:

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Improvements to grenade throwing to make it more accurate and reliable, as well as expanding the throwing mechanic to accommodate other objects in the world. Added option to throw items overhand (left click) or underhand (right click) as well as holding the corresponding button to prime the grenade before throwing by letting go of the button. We have also added an AR trajectory display when throwing grenades and other objects.

Known Issue: The AR indicator does not appear correctly.

Give this a try in Star Marine , doing FPS missions, and throwing water bottles at your friends or pesky NPCs who keep standing on their chairs. Let us know what you think below!



Force Reactions


We would like to collect feedback from you all on some of our updated first-person elements, in this case the various "force reactions" Designer note on the functionality:

If you're knocked over, there are two types of landings: Quick recovery (almost instantly able to aim and shoot) – occurs if you press or hold ADS at any time during the "flying through the air" animation during the knockdown. Sloppy landing (internal team terminology), where a longer animation plays, as if the actor were caught unawares / slightly stunned by the knock down, vs. reacting and recovering quickly. Let us know what you think below!



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