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CIG- Its time to address that you have a Hydrogen Fuel Problem

Content of the article: "CIG- Its time to address that you have a Hydrogen Fuel Problem"


Its time to acknowledge there is a problem with the gameplay mechanics surrounding Hydrogen Fuel in this game. No amount of explaining away fuel tank size, hydrogen scoops, or engine size can account for the current game imbalance.

We've seen the reports on larger ships unable to reach atmosphere before running out of fuel. And the Team MSR has certainly been quite vocal about how their ship is supposed to have extended fuel range… before dropping like a rock when the tanks run dry. But I was definitely surprised that even smaller ships are plagued with this issue.

This is my experience:

I picked up a Cargo Mission at NB. One of the ones where you pick up three boxes, and take them to a delivery spot. This one was particularly attractive- One of the pickups was in NB, another was in Microtech, and the final delivery was located on Microtech as well. Only one box needed to be picked up off world at near by Clio.

Perfect, I though, this should be a fast and easy 8,000uec.

I headed to NBIS, chose against my MSR since it was overkill for 3 boxes, and the aforementioned hydrogen fuel consumption issues. So I tried my luck with the Nomad.

I zip off from the hangar, to the near by roof top where the first package waited, braved the cold, and threw it in the back of my space truck. I made a 60 degree vertical climb out of NB, and started to spool my Quantum drive, with my destination locked in at Clio. Just before I engaged my drive, i get a "Hydrogen Fuel at 75% warning". That's ominous, I hadn't even hit the boost yet.

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The quick hop over the the Shubin mining facility was uneventful, but the winds almost blew the ship off the landing bad. QT brought me withing about 32km of the facility. By the time I was out of the moon's atmo, i was down to 50% H2 fuel.

Back over to Microtech, pickup number three was uneventful. The Nomad handled like a dream.

The drop off location was 1000km way, I headed up for the last spline jump to complete my delivery. Now less than 25% fuel remaining.

That QT Spline jump only brought me with 50km of the delivery location. I watched my fuel tank count down. I lowered my speed to just under the SCM threshold, hoping that it would conserve fuel. It did not.

I hit 0 H2 fuel less than 2km from my destination.

My thrusters went haywire, and i landed upside down. I didn't die, but there was no way to unload the cargo now, and i could not get the ship righted.

While I hope this experience is not typical- it does highlight a critical flaw in the fuel gameplay mechanic. The Mission I was doing is an intro level cargo mission, using an into level cargo ship. The Nomad was built for missions like this. But it could not be completed using very conservative flying methods (no boosting, no dogfighting, minimal landing maneuvers).

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By my estimate, I hadn't traveled more that 200km using conventional, non QT methods. That means my H2 fuel range was about the same. There is no way this makes sense. I wasnt timing my travel, but it could not have been more than 10-12 minutes. There is no way this is the intended gameplay mechanic.

To run out of fuel while on an entry level mission, not even leaving the distance of one moon, and just a handful of landing? And a refuel cost of about 2000UEC, this is not a balance or fun gameplay loop.

CIG- I implore you, something needs to be done to fix the balance on Hydrogen fuel, as the current consumption rate, even using conservative, efficient flying, is way to fast.

Thanks for hearing my story.


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