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Couch Citizen Config v3.12: Play SC 100% using Xbox Elite controller

Just announcing an update to my Xbox Elite configuration has finally been released

Announcement video here:

Download link here:

You can find the original post detailing the configuration here:

Just to clarify, this configuration allows one to use an Xbox Elite gamepad to control 100% of Star Citizen, without needing to switch devices and without setbacks or complications, as if you were playing it on a console. AN XBOX ELITE CONTROLLER AND REWASD REMAPPING SOFTWARE ARE REQUIRED FOR THIS TO WORK! By emulating Mouse and Keyboard on the controller for a few aspects of SC and combining it with advanced tools made possible by the software, it allows for the following:

  • Access to all 6DoF movement on your ship simultaneously, while also having access to all necessary offensive and defensive capabilities during flight. Strafing left/right/up/down are controlled via the 4 underside paddles and are therefore binary inputs, all other forms of movement are analog; and all are accessible at the same time along with quick-access of controls like shield management, power diverting, targeting, countermeasures, lights, landing/VTOL, toggle doors, rear view, toggle power, self destruct, decouple, spacebrake, afterburner, QT, etc….and you'll be able to keep your thumbs on the sticks to maintain control when you need to the most
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  • Quick, seamless and intuitive access to all Advanced Camera controls, including 4 slots for saving/loading views, DOF and FOV control, camera offsets, reset cam, unlock cam, quick view change, take screenshots, and more

  • Universal Controls: Use the same layout for FPS, flight, land vehicle, gravlev, EVA, mining, multi-tool control, etc….no need to swap the controls to different layouts, no overlays (which ruin recordings) to fumble navigate thru…none of that nonsense

  • Fully control Mobi, Kiosks, starmap and even the options screen with the controller, quickly and intuitively, including hot-keys for actions such as toggling chat, accepting/declining invites, bringing up contacts, even pulling up an on-screen keyboard for typing in chat

  • Quick-access to 12 emotes of your choosing, without having to navigate thru a menu or type in chat. 4 buttons, 3 commands each = 12 emotes. No fuss no muss.

  • Quick access of the wheel menu for managing your personal inventory, quick weapon customization, etc….everything you need is there with minimal fuss

  • Toggle headtracking at the push of a button and full integration with it (I use Tobii 5 it works great with this setup). You can use headtracking to aim your gimbles while having full control of your ship's movement

  • Macro for toggling auto-run/walk (with rumble feature), for those long sprints to your ship or the train platform. Enable it and then raise/lower the speed to walk/run as you see fit, and disable it just as easily.
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  • Now fully compatible with the Elite v2 controller! Use either v.1 or 2 of the Elite controller, wired or wireless, with the ability to disconnect and reconnect the controller to your PC while SC is running, with no problems.

  • Support for the chatpad attachment. Even rebind commands to chatpad buttons now that ReWASD has support for it

  • Fully customizable: Use my config as a starting point and change whatever you see fit for yourself. You could swap 1 axis of strafing to the triggers for analog input if you want to, invert controls, rebind commands, change stick curves, etc. With the power of ReWASD you can do a ton. ReWASD is LICENSED software available for purchase for $6-$20 but they have a free 14-day trial:

Been working on this for a couple years now and it honestly feels like having mini-dual sticks when it comes to flying. If you have an Xbox Elite controller you should definitely give it a try.


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