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Creating organic multicrew experiences

So I've posted previously about this experiment I had undertaken to get people to crew up with me in my carrack (It was pretty wordy). In any case I'm back to say that I have continued to cultivate this experience even further and it has turned into a personal mission of mine to change the culture of how people currently play both solo and in groups.

In my efforts to encourage more multi-crew gameplay I've begun to essentially handout uec as payment for my crews time and effort with fun bonus uec payouts for doing or completing interesting task or things (i.e. Finding and "removing" stowaways). Something I've discovered from essentially being a ship captain that pays his onboard crew is that suddenly everyone felt a lot more rewarded for their time playing the game in those moments of doing nothing and it added to the immersion! I kept refining this crew payout ideal and continue to evolve it even now where as there is a base paycut I will hand my crew depending on roles, as a show of good faith I pay half up front and then the rest at the end of either the hour or upon completion of the task i hired them to do (i.e. load some rocs and rovers in my carrack) this pay incentive usually encouraged the crew to stick around for another hour or so which i of course handed out a new round of payment for their time. If we got griefed or even for the number of times I "accidently" crashed the carrack I would hand out small hazard pay to the crew.

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Sure this is costly and sure not everyone can afford to be dishing out uec like that just to multicrew but I encourage everyone who can to please try playing like this! This is a huge service to new and experienced players a like who just want to hop in the game and grind out some uec so they can afford some arbitrary ship they always wanted. The guarantee payout kept people coming back because it was better than trying to mine solo for an hour only to lose everything to a 30k or pirates, it was better than grinding out the same ol tired BH missions over and over again because it was the only soulless thing that was profitable and safest from 30k or pirates. I believe in a verse right here right NOW where we the players, especially the wealthy off (in uec anyways) can be the contract providers, the gameplay loop creators, the dungeon masters in our own sandbox universe and it doesn't require an org or any sort of hard commitment to an event time and place with abrirtrary agreed upon rules.

For anyone interested to help me test this concept, I've put together a ragtag group of players who all once replied to some crazy guy asking for crew on his carrack and whom are now a small band of players who have consistently been able to log into the verse and always find something fun and engaging to do, where now other ship captains much like myself are recruiting their own crewmates for the day, and crew actively log into our discord looking for opportunities to crew up and earn some creds.

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It really changes the entire game experience when there is a community behind you as a safety net, it feels more authentic to log into the verse knowing you can still engage in the same solo game play if you so choose but that you could always join up with any number of activites already out there and earn some solid uec helping a mole crew weather that be as a mining laser operator on board or if the crew requested it a body guard escort…yes we even pay for security, its all about having that option and freedom and I would love for all of us to build a free come and go as you please community like this and really drive our own player built economy experience.

TLDR; join me on discord & twitch to get paid(uec) to play multicrew and experience star citizen in a different (Read: Less frustrating) perspective


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