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Data-Interception Gameplay Prototype

Content of the article: "Data-Interception Gameplay Prototype"

Some may recall my post last month
My speculation on what data-interception gameplay might be like for ships like the Mercury Star-Runner, Terrapin and Herald.

Well, I've been busy building it!

What you see in the attached video is roughly what I would have the player in the MSR Scanner Chair experiencing, albeit with much much lower quality graphics.

The broad gist:

Data streams in continuously and is buffered in the top-right section (notifications in the "cmd line" area at the top)
The buffer has a limited capacity, so it's a good idea to work quickly or risk missing out on something more valuable.
The data is slowly decrypted in the main window.
The size, type, title and then content are revealed slowly, similar to way Scanning in the actual game reveals things piecemeal.
At any point, the player can opt to discard the data, or archive it.
Discarding is fairly self-explanatory, we throw out whatever is in the data-block and move on to the next.
Archiving saves it to the ship's data storage. This is shown in the lower-right block on a coloured grid.


In my application, we get a breakdown of what the player has collected and its credit-values at the end. But this would normally be seen when the contents of the ship's data-archive is sold at a terminal, similar to Mining/refineries.
All values are subject to change, and most of the time the data passing through would be trivial and low-value. So a ship would need to stay on station a while or be very lucky to get valuable military/corporate data.

There are two main limits on this ingame.
1. The ship's data-storage has limited capacity, so picking and choosing what you Archive is important.
2. Time-pressure in the form of security forces and defences coming to physically stop you.

Let me know what you think!


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