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Fastforecast 17 March —–Black Coral Syndicate and Chaos Squad—-

Good evening citizens, we have quite the story tonight. After picking up an alert of piracy, we were surprised to receive a packet from the pirates themselves explaining exactly what happened with a play by play along with a video from their own onboard systems. Is this the new brand of piracy? Letting the media know what you've done to assist security with prosecution as a thumb at prosecutors?

Far be it from us to deny the law the ability to throw the book at ner-do-wells or of those same pirates to speak their minds. With that said, onto our first field report from pirates as they commit the crime.

————Field Report by CoconutJones————-

So we have been trying different tactics with piracy and we have seen how Mongrel & Chaos squad make use of ships with medical bays, and with our testing of dropship tactics we decided to all pile into a Cutlass Red to try a bit of both out. Right before we find the targets in the video Blaser the Cutty Red owner hoped out of the seat to check some stuff and i hoped in the seat to make sure we didn't crash and to see if anyone was at the base we just warped to

I get in and ping, we get a hit. I move in close and see a MSR, dragonfly and 2 ROC’s. Blaser gets back and I let him know what's up and that we are moving in. So now we are where the video basically starts and the moment I land I kill the engine, thinking to myself “crap this isn't good, maybe we won't get into a fight and '' before i could finish the thought the ROC miner on my left was attacking the ship and i hear the eruption of gunfire. At this point I know the ransom aspect of the plan is done with before we could even tell them what was about to happen. Before we could even get out of the ship the guys had to duck behind cover to not die, there covor was the Cutlass Red which i had just taken back off in to make sure the shields didn't go down and we didn't lose our ship.

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Once the rest of our dropteam was now out in the open without covor Valadar kills one of them and another of them drops Val who is the first voice you hear in the video saying he died. As i'm trying to get back on the ground and keep and eye on wtf is happening i notice blaser getting chased by the ROC miner still, my first instinct was to take the set of 4 size 3 Mantis Gatlings we had on the red and solve that problem the quick way, but that would kill the potential loot. So I decided to try and slap the ROC off target with my landing gear to not kill the prize while attempting to keep our teammate Blaser alive. At first i look like i make contact with it and it seems to not react then the server tick kicks in and goes twisting off into the distance buying our friend some time.

At this time I am going back in for the landing, Blaser is still being chased by the ROC miner but I gave him enough distance to gain control of the situation. They try to do some damage to the ship but it's not enough with the shields on. We move out of the cutlass and the back seems to be bugging out so i go out the side door which can be tricky in itself. Once I land I see one of the ROC’s driving around so I open fire on him to see if I can kill the driver but he runs off after a few hits. I start to move in to the msr where i see the guy inside, both of us start to open fire on one another and Blazer who is now nestled in some rocks off about 100meters away takes out the Atzkav sniper and hits the guy im shooting but the Arc lightning effect bounces to me and between the miner who was shooting me i go critical and drop dead because i didn't have Med pens equipped (lol).

I wake up to the sound of something exploding, that was apparently Val shooting the guy in the ROC with a partially charged railgun, this knocked it on its back wheels and got it off Blaser a second time lol. Most of the crazy shit has settled down so I ran into the MSR to get my gun back and swap into a miner outfit to start grabbing gems while the last Miner got out of the ROC and was trying to line up a shot on us with a sniper rifle. Once I find out there are no gems we have to track down the last guy and get his ROC. Blaser and Val spot him and start to home in on his position while i get in the MSR to get the bird's eye perspective, i see the hill they are homing in on and see a small gunflash where the final target was hiding, the 3 of us were basically in a triangle around him all firing at him, we see him drop and rush over to the other ROC where we sadly discover it also has no Gems. while this wasn't a profitable heist, it was a fun operation and we got to see the very strong potential of the Red in a small group of dedicated pirates.

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——–End of Field Report——–

Interesting and we never claimed pirates could work spell check but it's always fascinating to see piracy from their viewpoint. This was their first strike with a Cutlass Red and it was successful if not profitable.

Speaking of profits, we turn from those who are just starting out to those they have said gave them the idea, the Chaos Squad.

This one we have to give the Squad credit for. There is absolutely not violence in this one. Not even a threat of violence. They actually were so professional in this that the miner that they engaged did not know they were being pirated, the mark of an absolute professional.

The Squad deposited a member of theirs aboard a MSR where a Roc was stored between runs mining Hadanite. The miner would do his job, come back with the Roc and head to the bridge. While the owner was doing the flying, the member onboard would pirate the ore and then disappear back into engineering with the rest of the squad watching his tracker from a distance unobserved.

After quite a while, the miner, exhausted by his labor, decided to cash in his work and discovered that his equipment was empty. Deciding that this must have been a fluke, he launched again and headed into orbit where he angrily stormed off to bed and shut down the ship. The crew credited themselves with tens of thousands of credits and not a shot was fired nor were they even discovered.

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Brilliant work.

Citizens, always check your ship coms and lock your doors when you leave your ship. You may have a stowaway and not know it. Your hard earned work could go to fuel someone else's wine and merryment.

So pleased with themselves on this job, Captain Dirtyboots himself sent this file with an ancient Terran bottle of what we believe is actually Rum based on the bottle. The tag on it read "Always pay your pirate Fast. Even when you don't know they're there."

From all of us here at Fastforecast, we wish you a great night, be safe citizens. Remember, check your coms, lock your doors and if you are set upon by the Chaos Squad…..well, make informed decisions.

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