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FastForecast 20 September

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Good evening citizens, we're happy to bring you tonight's report from the depths of Stanton's back alleys and shadows, digging through the news and rumors to keep you informed.

After powering up Dark Fall from our hidey hole between the hydrogen tanks at Port Olisar, we were quite surprised to see Carracks under attack by unnamed privateers. These massive exploration class ships, if you're not familiar with them, run double shielding and some impressive weaponry to ensure the safety of those onboard on deep space missions so it was very odd to see them just sitting at Port Olisar, absorbing punishment without returning fire.

We reached out to the privateers pictured as to why they'd engage what appears to be a peaceful ship and were given an astounding and troubling statement.

It seems that, according to the source, these massive ships are being used to influence supply and demand on some very exotic and also expensive alcohol at population centers that is grown only in hot houses at MicroTech under heavy guard by….Crusader Security. We're told while Drake Caterpillars hold more cargo, these ships are more heavily shielded and far faster with the ability to travel 4 to 5 times as far on one tank of quantanium. These ships are running holds full of VERY expensive alcohol and it seems that privateers are irritated with pricing being disrupted and run up when "We're not getting our cut." Not the most noble of reasons but we can usually trust someone acting in their own self interest.

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We're never happy to just have one side of the story so we hopped a rental over to Area 18 and talked to our contacts in the underground. It seems large shipments of alcohol and even the narcotics Widow and Neon are not making their way to their vendors which are driving up the prices by multiples of factors. Are these Carracks running around with tens of billions in credits in intoxicants? Who is ultimately behind keeping the good people of Stanton hooked and then digging through their credits?

Of course our leads took us back to that pair of holes in the ground, Keschler. What is going on there? Security has stepped up and the normal turrets have been replaced with heavy repeaters. Rumors say a lot of UEC has been spent for cutting edge Size 10 cannons that were originally slated for the Idris combat ship. On approach we were not warned about our proximity and instead were shot at at a distance of over 15 kilometers. As you can see, it punched straight through the armor of the Pisces and was only stopped by the stack of meals ready to eat (MRE's) we keep stuck in the back.

We're getting annoyed by this getting shot at but things are getting interesting citizens. We will keep on the trail and keep you updated on what is going on throughout Stanton. We are here to serve you with traffic, weather and information from across Stanton, official and approved data and otherwise obtained.

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