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FastForecast 22 September

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Good evening ladies and gentlemen of the UEE, citizens and non citizens alike. We come to you tonight with some breaking news. We'll go directly to the headline broadcast.

While on Clio at the McGrath weather station calibrating the Valkyrie's new systems, we experienced a massive pulse that covered the entire continent. Coming from approximately 25,000 meters above McGrath, the pulse emitted graviton particles and shifted through EM and IR bands as well as covered every radio frequency we monitor.

For most, this isn't making a lot of sense. Why is this news? Someone with a hopped up pinger just popped it. No big deal. The result was felt within seconds. We watched a pair of ships slam into one another at sub orbital velocities and neither pilot ejected. Our MFD's shut down momentarily before secondary systems, heavily shielded against lightning strikes and close encounters with Stanton itself, kicked in.

As you can see, the secondary systems reported body damage and systems failures. Ground avoidance systems went offline as well and for a moment, flight control engaged without pilot input. Whatever caused that pulse caused some serious damage across our very heavily shielded systems but Anvil's redundancies engaged and FastForecast's tertiary systems overrode even those to keep us airborne. Those ships we watched coming into land at McGrath were not so fortunate.

Is this Vanduul? A new player? Who is using Clio as a test bed for a weapon capable of overriding pilot controls and even MFD's so pilots have no idea that anything is remiss. After checking for survivors and finding none, we boosted into orbit and engaged our own far reaching sensors and found only echos of quantanium. Whoever did this dropped in, fired a pulse and left.

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We're on the case, searching through the quantum field to find out who did this, hunting down clues and we will bring their identities to you dear listener because the best disinfectant for corruption and violence is sunlight and the light of truth is brightest of all.


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